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JimmyCASE is a brand new idea from America...invented by Dan Smith, he set out to invent a phone case that was was stylish and yet practical...

Have you ever gone out and put your money and cards in the back of your phone cover?

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If the answer is YES which I am sure it is!  Everyone has done it!

Then this is the case for you!...
Not only are there many styles to choose from...types of wood, the colour of your bumper and elastic jacket...there is bags of practicality too!

You can now go out with this stylish piece of kit protecting your phone and holding your cash and upto 6 cards keeping everything safe and protected in style! 

My son chose this cover!...but I must say we were all a little jealous when it arrived
...it is soooo cool!

Go and check jimmyCASE out...they have so many styles to choose from and you will be setting the trends here in Blighty as they haven't launched here yet!

Bye for now my lovelies.


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