My Craft Room Makeover

Oh my gawd! look! Its Wednesday already and Happy Monday along with Tuneful Tuesday has all gone out of the window this week!...Yep its official! I am in one of those moods! You know the kind! I feel very creative and my head has been filled up with plenty of ideas and yet I keep changing my mind about what to do and in the end I get nothing done!

Artist of the Week - Jenny B Harris



Spring is on its way

Not much longer to wait....

Happily Getting Organised

  This week I have tried to get a bit organised...I have finally sorted out my craft room...which is actually my laundry room/walk through/cold house...but I have decided to put all my crafty things in there to make space in here (the dining room) for all my webshop goodies...
...And I think I have it all sorted, it was really nice yesterday, packing up parcels to send from my website in the Dining room, knowing where everything was, really helped and it was a joy to use my new Box in a Box, (top pic) cardboard organiser too!

I ordered this from an ebay seller and rather than having all my pens, scissors and tape in a pencil case...I can now see what I have in front of I think I have solved that messy problem too....hey get me! I'm cooking on Gas this week! lol!

I think I have had the 'Let's get organised' bug because we have had a little bit of sunshine, here in the south...and that always helps doesn't it :)

What have you been up to this week? have you had any sunshine? and if so, has it made you want to finish an old project or start a new one?

Do tell ;)


Advertise on Happy Loves Rosie

Yep I am offering advertising space if you are interested on Happy Loves Rosie.
These are the size of adverts I am offering....
Here above Large which is 210 x 250

...and this size which is 210 x 180

...and this small size which is 210 x 100
Please do go and checkout my information page....if you are interested :)


Happy Monday on Tuesday Eek!

This picture is from Miss Ginny
These are my Happy Monday picture choices complete with links, for this week....
Ok Ok so its not Monday...but better late than never ay!

This lovely fluffy bunny picture (aren't they just so damn cute!)
is from Fergus & Me - do click on the picture or THIS link to check them out..

...and this divine picture is by Concha a Portugese Lassie now living in England.
CLICK HERE or the picture for a link to her wonderful Blog.

 ....And this lil' fella is enough to put a smile on your face any time of the day...
Check out Elvis! now ain't he coooool!
The picture is from :Claudia:S:'s  Photostream on please
check her out...she is awesome. I hope you have enjoyed this little spot of inspiration this check 'em all out and tell them Happy sent Cha!

Cheers Big Ears xx


Max and the Girls

  Hello there my name is Max and as you know my Mummy is called Happy!
Well please do not tell her, but you see this 'ere picture...isn't it awful!

Sunday afternoon tunes - Introducing Rainy Milo

Pic above is my Rosie
I have been listening to Rainy Milo this afternoon and thought I would share her eclectic vibe with you....she sounds very like the late Miss Amy Winehouse, that's probably why I like her a lot!

What do you think?


Shrove Tuesday - LETS MAKE PANCAKES !!!

Hmmmm Yum Yum!
Its Pancake day today! and although all the traditions of the actual meaning have gone out of the window in the Happy House (we have them more than once a year!) we still have to have them on Shrove Tuesday!

Happy Monday

Picture by Jane from - all the luck in the world...Click here for some lovely inspiration

It's MONDAY again and here are my favourite pictures from my 'WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY' group, complete with links to the very talented ladies that have created them.

What a neat little idea,,,and I love the animated bird sitting on top
photo by  Elke dag zaterdag

...And this beautiful picture is by Meadow Girl...I love her pictures,
do please check her out HERE

I have just realised...its funny that I have chosen this picture in particular...because I have been collecting these jars for a while now...I am hoping to keep some of my vast button collection in them, so I can actually see what I have got!...its funny how the mind zooms in, to what we have been doing, isn't it! without you really realising it!
...and this lovely picture has been taken by Silver Yang
Oh Yes Please....Bring on Spring!
It's actually snowing outside our little cottage right now!

Speak to you all tomorrow my lovely gals...
Oh and Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post,

I really do appreciate them xx
(It has definitely put me back on track ;))



Recently I read a post about getting more visitors to your site...I don't really read this kind of thing usually...but somehow I was reading it!...and there it was in black and white....'DON'T BLOG TOO MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF' ...well that was a bit of a shocker for me, as all these years that is exactly what I HAVE been doing!

...And then I thought about the popular know the ones that win awards for the BEST blog in town by the Telegraph and wotnot...and I thought to myself...well they blog about other peeps all the time and even get people to blog for I suppose the comment was right, as these people have a hundred zillion followers!

So I have started to blog about other things and plus I have started to try and blog I suppose when you get into that genre of blogging once a do have to get a little help from other people and then that will 'hopefully' make things a bit more interesting for people.

What with my last post, and the lovely comment by Bohemian, I started to wonder whether peeps would just as sooner look at my pictures and read about the notions that go on in my head (WARNING I AM MAD :D)

And then!..Freddy said to me yesterday...'Don't loose your roots'.

And suddenly I panicked...what am I doing!
I think sometimes it best to not read too much on the internet and by the looks of things I had taken this article to heart...So..

What do you think...after all you are my readers and I value your opinion more than any article, so I want you to tell me what you want from me and what you would like to see on my blog...

I have been blogging for 7 years as you can imagine, I have blogged a lot about me!

Please help my lovelies and tell me what you think...I would really appreciate it :)



OMG - I was Googling Happy Loves Rosie...(Aren't I sad! lol!) when I found out that VALLEY HIGH has a PINTEREST BOARD called 'I HEART
  HAPPY LOVES ROSIE'...How sweet I thought! And even more shocked that It has 194 followers!



My Artist of the week is Louise Walker who is a London based Commercial Photography graduate from the Arts University College Bournemouth, specialising in knitted props.



I thought as Valentines Day is fast approaching, I would add some more ephemera for you to use....I hope you like the selections that I have chosen...
click on each picture where it will take you to a blank page where you can right click and save it to your picture file.


As most of you know, last year I was featured in the Vintage Caravan Magazine run by Lisa Mora from Queensland Australia...well for 1 year I was subscribed to the Magazine for free, so I thought I would show you some of my favourite caravans from that Magazine here.

...and here is my first favourite one!

Happy Monday

This picture has been contributed by the lovely Ann check her out HERE
Well lookee here it is Happy Monday again! and I am featuring my most favourite pictures from my FLICKR  GROUP - What makes you HAPPY.

Where oh where has the week gone?

This lovely creative work has been contributed by the lovely Refine HereThis week I have been sorting out all my new website stuff ready to put on in the next few weeks and also I have been sorting out my craft room which I am moving from the dining room into the Cold House...
(I have been making a few pounds selling some old phones and computers lying around the order to buy more new stock too! always a fun thing to do! I have been using this great new website, do check it out - its called

...and this piccie is by the lovely Helena
I am sure Helena (Blondie Blu) and Tiff from (Dotty Angel) were sisters separated at birth..
.their work is sooo sooo similar...I love them both.

...well our lean too actually! It is so bright out there yet so dark in the dining room...I tried moving things around in the dining room but it just didn't work out, so things are back to how they were now...all a little better for it, as most things have been given their yearly dust lol

this picture is by the lovely  Mark├ętta

 I have been filling up our old Kitchen cupboard full of crafting bits...thing is, all this sorting has started me off again...I now have plans for the kitchen and the porch...but I am not as young as i used to be and half of the time, I just dream the ideas and never get around to actually doing them lol! so we shall see how I get on! you lot will be the first to see any changes ;)

Bye for now my lovelies xx
Oh and I hope you enjoy the links I have provided :)