My Craft Room Makeover

Oh my gawd! look! Its Wednesday already and Happy Monday along with Tuneful Tuesday has all gone out of the window this week!…Yep its official! I am in one of those moods! You know the kind! I feel very creative and my head has been filled up with plenty of ideas and yet I keep changing my mind about what to do and in the end I get nothing done!

I have been feeling like that since last week!…I have a list! yep a good idea that! write down everything that you need to do….and then realise after no. 49…that, that is really too much for anyone in their right mind to get around to doing and then sit back down again for a rest! 😉

So that has been my week so far…I have just sat down now at my computer desk, ready to start work and I seem to be placing custard creams (shh! don’t tell the diabetic nurse!) into my mouth like it was a winter Olympic Sport!….Its not too bad though as I am pulling them apart and only eating the custard cream side…Half the fat! (Max is eating the other bit!) Yay!

Anyway! before you all get totally BORED about the custard creams and all that MILARKIE…I thought I would show you pictures of my craft room re-vamp…now it is finished!

Some things have stayed the same….but to organise myself a little bit better I have added that rather ‘Horrid’ black plastic draw unit into the ensemble! I know, I know…it is rather grotesque…but I have a place for everything now…and my mind (although full of ideas) feels more ‘filed’!

As you can see here…below…I have a draw for badges…

…A draw for ribbons…

Lace and all…

In fact I even have empty draws! lol! no pun intended!

The week before…I thought the only way to organise myself was to get a ‘LOAD’ of Kilner jars, so off to the RANGE I went…skipping and a hopping! (more like skipping and a hobbling) lol ( I did at first write hobberling…but when I looked it up in the dictionary lol! it meant ‘A person who possesses feet like a hobbit, short and hairy’! :D) …Hmmm! moving on!

But to my surprise…when I arrived to the said shop, somebody had had the idea before me! and had already bought some….so I was only able to purchase 12! OMG! I know what you are saying! But I thought to organise myself, I needed at least 24 as I have acquired so many bits and bobs…

I then got home and in between snoozing on the sofa through lunch…I had a brainwave about the drawer unit…you see it was hiding in Rosie’s bedroom in the wardrobe…she hadn’t used it for yonks, so I sneaked into her room and got them out…its like taking part in the Krypton Factor getting anything outta there at the moment! shhhheeesssh! It so needs a Spring Clean…but I managed to get both the units out with only knocking over one cup, two bottles and a precariously placed lamp standing on 17 books! lol!…RESULT!

Voila! my mission was accomplished….and she still hasn’t realised yet, that they are missing from her room! lol!….Yes look here how organised I am now…I have even put bits into my jars…although for the life of me! I don’t know why I had to put labels on these jars! As that is the whole point of glass jars! lol! YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THEM!…DeR!

So I have a list….and the first thing on it was to list 30 items on my website…well its nearly 4 o’clock now and here I am talking to you 😉

So I hope you have enjoyed my little conversation with you all and I do hope you have enjoyed the pictures I have put here for you…Rosie has just come back from her driving lesson and is demanding all unsundry…so I will have to go!

Hopefully I will get to list some more new items on my website at sometime today!

…and please squint your eyes looking at this picture….

I have tried to hide the drawer units up a bit and shoved the shelf unit in front of it to hide it more!

What have you been up to this week my lovelies xx

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