I would like my advertisers to fit in with my home and blog design, so I would  like your advert to match my colours and style.  If you do not have an advert or your advert doesn't match my colours, I would be happy to create one for you, free of charge....

I have been Blogging since 2007 and have been featured in quite a number of publications, including Creating Vintage Charm , Reloved, Cath Kidston,  Home and Antiques and Vintage Caravan Magazine to name but a few (see here)....so all of this advertising has ranked up my statistics.

Hosting a Giveaway, Product Review or Featured Post @ Happy Loves RosieI will only accept products that I feel reflect my personal style & taste. Letting me personally try out your product/s allows me to give a better review of your company that you would like me to promote.

How a Giveaway Post works :-
2 promotional items (each with a minimum value of £10.00)
One product is for me to use and take pictures of and show how lovely it is in my home (please remember it must be to my taste) and the other will be to give away to the winner of the competition...I run giveaways for 1 week and I always have an advert on my blog, advertising the give away and also tell peeps that they can also add the advert to their blog too, therefore promoting your product further.
(please note - although they are run for 1 week, the article will be on my blog for all time and will therefore appear in Google searches well after the expiration date of the competition) 

How a Product Review works :-
Minimum Product/s price £15.00
Hosting a Product Review on Happy Loves Rosie couldn't be easier...simply send me something delightful that you know my readers and I would fall in love with (this will enable more sales).  I will then correspond with you and write up a lovely blog post about you and your business (with links to you) and photograph the item/s that you have sent to me in my home...the more I love it, the more I will brag about it...I will also advertise you on my twitter and facebook page.

How a Featured Post works :-
£40.00 or Goods to the Value with Optional Special Features
Hosting a featured post on Happy Loves Rosie is a fun way of getting the best of both worlds. the price for a featured post is £40.00 as a payment or goods to the value....If you decide to send me goods to the value (it will make it cheaper for you) I will then choose what I would like from your shop and then once you have sent them to me, I will get in touch with you and write a lovely blog post about you and your business with all the relevant pictures and links to your shop/enterprise...I will also blog about all different items from your site and not necessarily the items I have chosen, but a cross section of what you offer and what you would like to promote....I will also tell peeps on my FLICKR - FACEBOOK & TWITTER accounts. 

SPECIAL FEATURES....for an extra £10.00
With a Featured Post, I will also add an advert (210px x 250px) for you, for an extra £10.00, on my blog for 1 month (normal price £20.00), so this is an ideal pack to purchase if you are just starting out and want to get maximum exposure.

ADVERTISING SPACE @ Happy Loves Rosie for BLOGGERS and Small Businesses

I offer 3 kinds of advertising levels to suit all budgets...each advert runs for 1 month/30 days...if you want to run an advert for more than one month I offer a 10% discount off of the total price for 2 months and a 20% discount off of the total price for 3 months.
(remember I can create an advert for you, small set up fee may be required...see here*)

Large Advert 210px x 200px = £20.00
There is 2 spaces for the large advert each month and they will take pride of place just above my followers on the right hand side of my blog...these adverts will alternate through the month so that they both get maximum exposure.

Medium Advert 210px x 150px = £14.00
These adverts are placed along the side panels of my blog, where they look the prettiest and will alternate through the month for maximum exposure...

Small Advert 210px x  100px = £8.00 
These adds are placed underneath the medium adverts, where they look the prettiest and will also alternate through the month and have as much exposure as the next...


  P.S Don't know how to make an ad...or have the time?...
Well Remember! I can always make you one!
If you want to book a space or have any further questions, feel free to email me

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