Rosie is in Hospital :(

Just a quickie post my lovelies...but my lovely Rosie, had a hypo friday morning and has somehow dislocated and fractured her shoulder! we have been waiting for the arm specialist all weekend until now and her operation is due this evening...she has been in excruciating pain all weekend, so can you please pray for her....sorry I havnt been around, but I am sure you will now understand why :)

God bless you all


I don't think Green Beans agree with Maxy!

Max had green beans with his dinner...
and hasn't stopped passing wind since! Pooo! What a stinky dog!
I don't think I will be giving him them again...

What vegetables do you give your pet to eat and does he/she have the same problems with green beans? lol ;)


The Olympic Park Visit

Yep! we are getting ready for the Olympics...and with less and a year to go, my Mum decided to arrange an outing to 'The Olympic Park'  I love going on her trips, she still arranges them at the young age of 81! she runs a WHSmiths retirement group in Chadwell Heath, Essex and she managed to fill a coach of 50 lovely retired ladies and gents!...oh and Me! lol!
click picture to view larger
Most of these pictures were taken on the coach...I wanted to show you how the East End of London is changing in the preparation of these games.

State of the art buldings are appearing on the horizon, The white building on the horizon is the Basketball Arena,this will be taken down after the Games.

Parts of it are expected to be reused or relocated elsewhere in the UK....thus making more use of it...which I think is quite cool!

Artist of the Week - Caro Emerald

Caroline van der Leeuw was born 26 April 1981 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She studied as a jazz vocalist at the Amsterdam conservatory of music and earned her degree in 2005.

Van der Leeuw is one of the six singers in Les Elles, a close-harmony vocal group from Amsterdam, and sings in the Philharmonic Funk Foundation, a Funk orchestra of 44 people. She also regularly performs background vocals on the Kinderen voor Kinderen (Children for Children) song festival.
Caro teaches singing at the singing school of Babette Labeij, one of the vocal coaches on X-Factor and vocal conductor for Kinderen voor Kinderen....and I think she totally ROCKS!  So she is my Artist of the Week.



Scarlett Loves Elvis

Hello gals...I thought I would show you my latest bespoke blog design that I was asked to create for the lovely Scarlett Fontaine of Scarlett Loves Elvis.

She decided to go for THIS PACKAGE...its really the BEST deal, you end up with a blog that has a wonderful 'designed especially for you' graphics pack...that will really set you apart
from the crowd...and you will be sure to get noticed by designers and stylists alike! 

Have fun my lovelies xx


Happy Birthday Amy

This is a recording Amy made with Tony Bennett before she sadly and suddenly died...what a duo...what a voice...Happy Birthday for yesterday are so so so sadly missed....


Campervan Tent

Loving this Campervan Tent...the number plate is H for Happy, VW and 1965 my birthday year! surely they created this tent with me in mind! lol!

Wish I knew about it at the start of the summer...
I think I would have been tempted!

Still there is always next year :)

Thanks to my lovely friend Jane for sending me the link :)


One of a Kind

We'll here I am back from my rest...feeling fantastic!  No headaches...and happy as can be!  Thankyou all so much for all your kind words once again! I really do not know what I would do without you all.

While I was away with no internet connection - I was able to create a few more blog on each to go to their information page...

These designs are compatible with your template designer in blogger, so that you can amend the backgrounds, text and colours all yourself...these options you see are what I have chosen and you can keep these colours if you wish...or change them to suit your mood.
With each design you get a One Of A Kind banner amended with your blog name and 4 labels designed to match of your choice, complete with installation and colours and fonts to match...if you are already set up with blogger I will configure all of your side panel gadgets to fit too.

So come on then...what are you waiting for!
First come first served!


Styling Down Under

The other week I was asked to take some pictures for an Australian Caravan their Editor.

They were happy for me to email over my old pictures of the Holi, from the original makeover, but wanted something different for the front they asked me if I could style her for the front cover of their December Magazine.

It only took me about an hour to find all these bits and pieces...alot of them were in the garden anyway! (if you have ever visited the Happy House, you will understand!) and place them here and there...and although i felt pretty tired, I made myself do it, as i tend to work better under pressure.
I had to set the camera on a large picture setting suitable for a good quality picture and fired away on two is good for outside and my Nikon...well that is good for everything :)

I had a look in the caravan for some quirky pieces that Fred has in there...also I added the blue french coffee pot that is currently on my website..a bit battered and bashed...but we love this look....sooo happy shabby! and I also included the flower tin, which I had purchased the week before.

I had a great time doing it...and now, I can sit back and watch all my hard work be on the front cover!...I'll let you know all the details nearer the time of publication...

Infact that week was pretty weird, because I also got an email from Lucy, a stylist for Princes TV asking if she could rent the Holivan for the V festival...for which I sooooo wanted to say YES! but alas had to say no to, as it would have been impossible for us to of got her there :( probably something I will regret forever, as they wanted it for interviewing all the  bands in front of!!! Grrrr!  I could of got everyones autograph!!

Still perhaps next year aye ;)

Bye for now my lovelies