Caroline van der Leeuw was born 26 April 1981 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She studied as a jazz vocalist at the Amsterdam conservatory of music and earned her degree in 2005.

Van der Leeuw is one of the six singers in Les Elles, a close-harmony vocal group from Amsterdam, and sings in the Philharmonic Funk Foundation, a Funk orchestra of 44 people. She also regularly performs background vocals on the Kinderen voor Kinderen (Children for Children) song festival.
Caro teaches singing at the singing school of Babette Labeij, one of the vocal coaches on X-Factor and vocal conductor for Kinderen voor Kinderen....and I think she totally ROCKS!  So she is my Artist of the Week.




  1. ooh, thanks for this lowdown - my 12 year old put me on to her songs (Lady Gaga stuff) but I didn't know anything about her. Fab voice. x

  2. I live in Holland and I know Caro Emerald!! I love her music!! And love her voice!!! So special.. She's great!!!
    It's nice to read on your blog about her!!

  3. OOOOH! Thanks so much for introducing me to her! LOOOVE that the music is a little bit retro and a little bit new. Definately a new favorite! Makes you want to jump up and dance!


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