Happy Holiday

My internet is going to be cut off. as of tomorrow for about a week...don't ask its complicated and makes me very angry!....
anyway, this is the perfect opportunity for me to have a break...its a forced upon break, but a break at that!  I won't be going anywhere fancy...just windowsill bay!
But my eyes and head will be able to rest...The idea is that I am going to make stuff and sleep...I am using it as Happy Therapy! lol!

  I take my computer for granted and often waste too much time on it..I do need to recharge my batteries...

...Thankyou so much to my lovely friends that commented on my last post...you bought so many smiles to my face :) I love you all xx
 Photos taken from my holiday in Scotland 2007

See you in a week


Busy Doing Nothing

 I have been sooooo sleepy lately with absolutely nothing to blog about...yep gals, my life has been very boring indeedy! I havn't even bought plants for the garden...I have just let them all grow as wild as they like this year, with no pruning...they actually look quite beautiful and free..as if to say, thanks Happy for letting us be wild! lol!

This is where I have been sitting most of the time...trying to make sense of my little 'blip'...my therapy has been my jewellery making...and when I have not been doing the household chores...I have been sleeping! perhaps I am having a growing spurt! hehehe!

I think I need new glasses, as I am getting lots of migraines lately...it will be expensive if I do! as I have about 10 different pairs, as once I found out I was 2.50 I bought the ready specs everywhere I shopped...but whenever I need them I can never find a pair! ridiculous isn't it!

I have friends keep asking me out for lunch but I can't be bothered to go! I can't seem to sleep at night, but get the bestest sleeps in the day!..I try to write a blog, but the words are not there....I can't think of anything that would be of interest to you...I have become a hermit in my own home...but I feel safe here, safe warm and cosy.

I don't know how long it will last...it has been creeping up on me slowly but surely, I suppose the insomnia is not helping...and my terrible memory...like forgetting where I put my glasses 300 times a day!

Is anyone else having a Blip..! 
I used to think blogging was good therapy...but for now I seem to be stuck for things to write about...Life can be SH*T at times and I think this might be my SH*T time!

Still onwards and upwards as my old Nanny Hilda would say...lets put a brave face on it :)

Can you please help me out here and tell me what you would like me to write about, bearing in mind I have not got the dresser in instead of the teak cabinet yet and I havn't finished the caravan make-over either!! Yep! its that bad! lol!

Help me out here gals :)


Fancy a little treat?

I have lots of new items arrived into my shop...I know August is a tough month and there is many things to buy the kids...but please do have a look.

I am quite happy to do a layaway service...if there is something that you like...just email me and we can sort something out.

As you can see...I am making my jewellery again ;) and I have got a lot of vintage pieces to arrive shortly too.

I love mixing old and new...here we have a vintage mother of pearl button adorned with a large pink lucite bird...I love it ;)

Pretty pictures...

....and lovely jewellery! Hey I am in Love with everything....
I want to keep it all lol!

I'll be adding the size of these pictures soon...I have added a lot of them and coz I am lazy...well I was sitting in my cozy chair listing everything...and the thought of going out each time to the cupboard where I am storing everything was just too unbearable lol!...so I'll be adding the sizes tomorrow ;)

Well I hope you like what I have to offer...I will be listing more next week...I am going to rest this weekend and just make more things...mind you I am soooo contrary! so you never know what I might get up to!...perhaps I might even pop out to the booty's to see what goodies I can find!...or perhaps not! lol! oh I just love the weekends ;)

...And if you fancy it...please leave me a comment and tell me what you like best about my website and even perhaps! what you don't like...I can then use this information to hopefully make it better ;)


Bye for now my lovelies...have a great weekend.


Happy Finds - August

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments about my unit...I agree with most of you...I am going to leave the unit as it is and pass it onto someone else that will appreciate it for its style...and get the dresser in from storage...
This is the dresser in question (above)
It is actually being stored at Freddy's Mums house which is a good 25 miles away...so it will take a bit of time and effort to get it back and what with the caravan to decorate - I am not sure how long it will take a weary old us to get it all sorted...but my mind is now made up ;) thankyou so much for helping me decide my lovelies :)

Anyway on to my Happy finds for this month...bought on Ebay for £9.50 is this lovely vintage suitcase decorated with vintage style travel stickers...a fabulous find...what do you think? and what a good idea!
Also finding this little bambi light was a fantastic little find at a local car boot sale....soooo cute and look at the little rabbits...ahhh bless!
Do you own anything like this...please tell :)

I was also lucky enough to find 3 of these lovely little vintage Japanese dollies, this red one, a blue one and a little yellow one! Aren't they wonderful?

I have been hooked on shabby flowers lately too - I cant stop buying them...I am sooo terrible with plants...that I like to decorate with flowers, but not having much spare cash for fresh! ( I sooo love fresh!) I have been covering the place with fake :)  my favourite flowers are hydrangeas and roses....Can't you tell ;)

...and here is the little blue Japanese dollie...and also another BIG find for August...yep in the background...our lovely new caravan, which we are busily painting and getting just right for a certain someone :)

So come on - tell me what you have found lately and if you like or have any of the above :)

Have a wonderful weekend peeps...


Teak ... You Decide

Help me out here gals...I have decided I don't like this teak look of this unit! Infact I don't think I like this unit FULLSTOP! Eek!  What it has got going for it though...is that it does have alot of storage space...which I have filled to the brim!

...I am a Happy shabby chic gal at heart...and the brown is just not doing it for me!....so lets have a vote...

Should I keep it and paint it or
replace it with a lovely old painted dresser that I have in storage?

I think I already know the answer ;)
but I would like some imput pleeeeze.


Happy's New Vintage Caravan

Well here we are folks...I have been meaning to show you these pictures for a few days now, but what with 'life' getting in the way! I havn't had the time...!

Welcome to our new Vintage Caravan....It is a 1968 Cheltenham Sable and we bought her a little over a week ago from a lovely couple that was relocating and couldn't take the van with them!
She has two doors...the one above is the back door (leading into the garden) and there is one at the front, near our front door, which is of course the caravans front door....

There was alot of tooing and frowing getting the caravan into this position, not to mention, the moving of a van with a flat tyre, that blocked the road off and the commotion of the bus trying to get past!! tut tut! but friends, family and passers by all helped, which was brilliant! Thankyou xx
Oh yes this is going to be a lovely little hide-away, kinda like the little community we have going on here!  You see we are living in this little 2 bedroom cottage, that we have filled to the brim and there is really no room to swing a cat! lol! and our son, who keeps a low profile...(he is like the daughter you never see in the 'Osbournes') went and bagged himself a banking job, just around the corner to us, so he has come back to live here...so it really is 'tight' with no space for him to call his own!...So thats the reason why we thought...lets get another caravan...it would be cheaper than moving! I think Daz was thinking 'Modern' but we wanted a more retro looking van...anyway he wasnt that enthusiastic about looking for it... so we looked and looked and found this one...which we all totally love!... ;)
This is currently the inside...it is totally immaculate...everything works and is full of original features.  The draw unit has a table on top that folds out longer and the smaller bed, can be extended to a full adult bed...haha! notice two singles! hehe! there is a method in my madness! ;)
There is a cupboard for clothes and the gap is the front door entrance which also forms part of the toilet area...its so cleverly designed...the cupboard that you see straight in front is the gas cooker and storage and you can just about see the mini fridge.
Now in full view...the kitchen area...lots of cupboards, nice airy windows, original cup and holder on the wall..and lights...oh sooooo lovely! A perfect bachelor pad (herhum! with two single beds :)))) lol! shhh!)

I suppose we can't really decorate this one with pretty florals, we have got to do this one justice for Daz....One good thing though! he does love Mad Men and The Hour, two very 1960's programmes and being that this is a 1960's caravan, I can feel that kind of look coming on!

So what do you think my lovelies, do you approve :)


Vintage Caravan Update

I thought it was about time that I showed you what our lovely vintage Holivan looks like today!  because, back when we purchased this van in July 2009 we refurbished it and the interior looked very new and shiny...

so I thought in this little update, It would be nice to show you, especially how a small space can be used to its advantages.
As you can see Fred has decorated his van with bright tins, quirky dolls, unique scrapbooking pieces and plenty of bright paraphenalia.

He has also collected many a blanket and sits on top of them all in the summer and snuggles into them in winter!...Infact if anyone asks 'where is Fred'? during the day...and we havn't seen him for a few hours...we know he is in here creating or sleeping ;)

I have never regretted investing in this Holivan...she is a beauty and is like an extension of our home...a little retreat for a bit of peace and quiet.

See what I mean about this obsession with quirky things...they are sooo cute don't you think :)

He is sooo creative and tries out many ideas in his many books...

This is about as tidy as it gets in here...but that is the way Fred likes to work, personally I like to tidy up before I start a job! thats probably why I never get things finished...coz I then end up multi-tasking and then what with my womens doo dah...I end up forgetting what I was doing in the first place lol!

Well my lovelies...I hope you like this little update about our Holivan, I have noticed around the 'Net' that buying and 'doing up' a caravan has really caught on here in 'Blighty' its been caravan fever!'

So if you have invested in one recently, (like I may have done ;) ) I hope you get plenty of inspiration from this little update...whether you have bought it for an art studio, for yourself or for a guest room....


....Nudge Nudge wink wink!! Yes my lovelies...I just may have clicked a 'buy it now' button on the internet...and I, could now, be the proud owner of caravan no.2 but you will have to wait and see ;)