I have lots of new items arrived into my shop...I know August is a tough month and there is many things to buy the kids...but please do have a look.

I am quite happy to do a layaway service...if there is something that you like...just email me and we can sort something out.

As you can see...I am making my jewellery again ;) and I have got a lot of vintage pieces to arrive shortly too.

I love mixing old and new...here we have a vintage mother of pearl button adorned with a large pink lucite bird...I love it ;)

Pretty pictures...

....and lovely jewellery! Hey I am in Love with everything....
I want to keep it all lol!

I'll be adding the size of these pictures soon...I have added a lot of them and coz I am lazy...well I was sitting in my cozy chair listing everything...and the thought of going out each time to the cupboard where I am storing everything was just too unbearable lol!...so I'll be adding the sizes tomorrow ;)

Well I hope you like what I have to offer...I will be listing more next week...I am going to rest this weekend and just make more things...mind you I am soooo contrary! so you never know what I might get up to!...perhaps I might even pop out to the booty's to see what goodies I can find!...or perhaps not! lol! oh I just love the weekends ;)

...And if you fancy it...please leave me a comment and tell me what you like best about my website and even perhaps! what you don't like...I can then use this information to hopefully make it better ;)


Bye for now my lovelies...have a great weekend.



  1. very loverly especially those embroidered pictures and I love the love heart hair grip, too cute x

  2. So glad that I came upon your blog. I just ADORE
    happy :)
    caravans... ahhhhhhhhhhh
    ...and so much more
    {which i can see you have all these}
    Can't wait to get more into this site :):)


  3. It's beautiful..I'm in love too!!


Thanks for leaving a comment...I really do appreciate your kind words xx