Thanks so much for your wonderful comments about my unit...I agree with most of you...I am going to leave the unit as it is and pass it onto someone else that will appreciate it for its style...and get the dresser in from storage...
This is the dresser in question (above)
It is actually being stored at Freddy's Mums house which is a good 25 miles it will take a bit of time and effort to get it back and what with the caravan to decorate - I am not sure how long it will take a weary old us to get it all sorted...but my mind is now made up ;) thankyou so much for helping me decide my lovelies :)

Anyway on to my Happy finds for this month...bought on Ebay for £9.50 is this lovely vintage suitcase decorated with vintage style travel stickers...a fabulous find...what do you think? and what a good idea!
Also finding this little bambi light was a fantastic little find at a local car boot sale....soooo cute and look at the little rabbits...ahhh bless!
Do you own anything like this...please tell :)

I was also lucky enough to find 3 of these lovely little vintage Japanese dollies, this red one, a blue one and a little yellow one! Aren't they wonderful?

I have been hooked on shabby flowers lately too - I cant stop buying them...I am sooo terrible with plants...that I like to decorate with flowers, but not having much spare cash for fresh! ( I sooo love fresh!) I have been covering the place with fake :)  my favourite flowers are hydrangeas and roses....Can't you tell ;)

...and here is the little blue Japanese dollie...and also another BIG find for August...yep in the background...our lovely new caravan, which we are busily painting and getting just right for a certain someone :)

So come on - tell me what you have found lately and if you like or have any of the above :)

Have a wonderful weekend peeps...



  1. All so beautiful. Seems those dollies are become popular of late. I adore my vintage nursery lamps by irmi. Similar to the deer lamp but not ceramic...made of wood instead. I have been enjoying a few flowers from the garden but mostly fresh plants I grow inside. There are only a few I don't kill...smiles...Renee

  2. I love those happy faced and bright dollies the best! I'm sure you two will do a wonderful job decorating up that caravan.

  3. As a lover of any deer/bambi kitsch item I totally adore that lamp! What a fabulous find :o) Scarlett x

  4. Love the suitcase, but most of all I LOVE the Bambi light! I have a *bit of a thing* about deer, and Bambi in particular. I love to collect deer things. I have a gorgeous Bambi porcelain biscuit tin, that has Bambi, Thumper, and the skunk on it, is ridiculously cute!!
    Love all the finds you got

  5. My great find lately is an old wooden owl clock at a yard sale. It is the cutest cartoon looking clock with big eyes, and was made by the lady's grandpa and painted my her grandma.

    I love your shabby flowers, I've been hooked on them lately as well.

  6. All your pictures.. I love them all!!!
    All the colours.. WOW!!!


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