Onwards and Upwards

Hello my lovely lassies...I am working to a deadline this weekend! Computer is now back from the menders! and I am on a mission!...Yep! I have about 10,000 things to list on my website! LOL!
You see I thought I had a few weeks left to get my website ready for the Magazine launch! Do you remember...last year when the lovely Selina Lake and Debi Treloar came to visit us and took pictures of our house! well the time has arrived and the mag will be out on Tuesday! Yikes! I didn't realise it was going to be out soooo sooooon! so I am a Gal on a mission this weekend :)
Last week whilst were out and about I spotted this guy and just had to take a piccy of his taxi! What a guy eh! A pearly king indeed and a pearly taxi - how fun! and he was selling gardening equipment and tools...just the thing for the Happy House Garden!
I don't seem to pick up much around here these days as it seems to be all baby equipment and DVD's!! but I did manage to find this wonderful little dutch gal jug....isn't she divine and sooo appealed to me...Yes she has that cheeky face, that soooo reminds me of my Nanny Hilda...so of course I just had to buy her!
I have been pottering around in the garden too, and whilst the sun was shining last week I even managed to get a few hours in sunbathing! Although I get very restless laying there doing nothing! I fidget and think about everything that I should be doing and feel very guilty indeed!, needless to say I am still white (shall we say English Rose!) whereas Fred is very tanned indeed! LOL!
We have also celebrated my Mums 80th Birthday...do you rememer back in January her party celebrations were cancelled because of the snow..well here we are in May and everyone was able to turn up and celecrate in style with her...
These are my Mums friends singing 'We'll meet again' at the top of their voices...ahh bless! They actually bought a tear to my eye...it was a lovely day indeed!
I thought I would show you some of the photos of the flowers in the garden that they bought along for the photoshoot the other week...for the yummy caravan cards, that will be in the shops very soon! :)
Well they left quite a few of the fresh flowers for us, alot of them were on their last legs, so we got out all our enamel and vases and made lots of displays...theres nothing like fresh flowers in your home is there!  The photo's at the start of this post are some of them and so
are these ones...they lasted a good week too!
...and how pretty they look!

Anyway I had better be off! as I have a lot of work to do! the only thing is I am feeling a little tired right now as I had some Sangria...only a little tipple! LOL! this afternoon and alcohol has a funny effect on me - probably because I am usually teeeeetotal! Hic! Bad idea that was! hehehe! I thought I was slipping down the chair! and feeling a little too hot!...Oh well onwards and upwards! at least I can pretend I am working and have a few catnaps, behind the laptop lid! LOL! Hubby won't see, as now I have almost slid down off the chair completely! LOL!
Do have a look on my website I have been listing around the clock! and remember to buy BBC Homes and Antiques! Out Wednesday 2nd June! Coz happy is in it! YAY!

Gosh I bet I look FAT! Shhh I know I am FAT! but I told Debi that she had to do a slimming trick with her state of the art camera...or leave me out completely! lets hope its the latter! LOL!

Houston...we have a problem!

                                                           Hello me ole chickadees! 
A lot has been happening this week...I have launched my new buttons, one of which is above....do you like it?...well I have a few more available on my freebies page, so go and click on the button above and get them on your blog asap! I thought we could all do with 'Biggin up Blighty' especially as the World Cup is on its way and the Olympics! I don't think we give ourselves enough credit these days....so come on gals....Lets 'Big it up'!
On a sadder note :( My computer has died again! it has already suffered from a disk error 3 months after buying it! and it has happened again! only a year down the line, so everyone that has emailed me with a question or for information or anything indeed, please email me again HERE as I just know the 'Tech Guys' will wipe the hard drive again...along with all my info and settings with it! Grrr! Drat! and double Drat!

Stay clear of buying a Packard Bell computer folks, especially with the free photoshop elements pack...this computer is to be avoided at all costs! I have had nothing but trouble with it...and silly me accepted a repair only after 3 months of owning it! when really I should of demanded a new computer! but they have you over a barrel don't they!  I just thought, I didn't want them slinging it on a heap and it being sent to Africa or some third world country, where those poor little children have to breathe in toxic waste! and plus the thought of someone taking all my info off my hardrive and using it scrupulously...made me just want it mended! but I know I have been conned! This computer was a lot of money and really not worth it at all as now it has gone wrong a second time...they just don't build 'em to last these days do they!
I was planning not to go out at all this weekend, but just stay in and have a couple of productive days crafting! I have wanted to make sooo many things lately and just haven't had the time!...I somehow think that beautiful weather will have something to do with keeping me away from my crafting though!  As the garden looks soooo inviting now that the grass has been cut again and all the lovely vintage deckchairs are scattered about here and there!

I also have a million pictures to take for my website, so that I am ready for the magazine launch in mid to end of June!...Yes gals! do you remember that 'Happy's House' will be in the BBC Homes and Antiques July Edition! Yay! I can't wait! although the thought of my chubby face and elephant like body in a magazine makes me feel slighty 'ick! but I told Selina & Debi not to include any pictures of me, unless I look totally slilth like! LOL!...so fingers crossed!

So my luverley lassies! I hope to be very productive while my computer is in hospital, I don't think it will take longer than a week! although they will not be picking it up until Monday!  I am using my hubbies Mac at the moment! but I don't like it...its not the same! but one day I will probably have to have one, because they just don't go wrong! and that is a BIG plus!!

So to all the luverley ladies that I am working with at the moment...blogs, banners and bespoke designs, please do bare with me! I will be in touch soon, but won't be back to work for about a week! Sorry!

Speak soon gals and have a lovely weekend :)

Vintage Caravan Photoshoot Done!

Well my lovely girlies...what a fun day we had on Thursday....and the weather was wonderful...allbeit that we had sunny spells and clouds!....It was the perfect kinda weather for the most fabulous photoshoot indeedy!
Lizzy and Charlie arrived with an abundance of props, that they take to all their photoshoots....but alas it was not needed here at the 'Happy House' as we had every prop that they could possibly need! LOL!
I acted as Lizzies 'runner' :)....everything that she asked for, I had indoors! Apart from a red spotty teapot....which I later found when they had gone that evening! :)
The pictures, that they both created were wonderful....and just think, you will be able to buy them in a town near you, very soon indeed :)
Lizzie did use a few of her own props mind! She bought with her a multitude of fabulous blooms....red roses were amoungst them! (my favs!)...but there were also tulips and daisies and hollyhocks....infact a wonderful array of cottage blooms to dress a pretty photoshoot!
My Father-in-law and I made a makeshift awning, from this pretty vintage cover....I think we might keep it as a permanent feature!...as it feels soooo cosy sitting underneath it :)
Yum Yum eh! Yes Fred and I had our eyes on this wonderful cake all day,  our mouths were drooling!...and Lizzy did leave it with us, but after all the pampering it had had all day.....we decided against eating it! LOL!
Some folks decided to sit in the shade and guard the pretty flowers....
We got our vintage deckchairs out from the garage to give them an airing, complete with the lovely throws, blankets and cushions....that go together to make summer living cosy!
....and the pictures were taken in abundance...beautiful, colourful, pretty and inspirational piccies....I am sure they will make the perfect cards, cards that you will all love :)
Oh yes!....and you see this little 'tiger' above! well Charlie, decided to put him into a piccy too!...sitting in the caravan door! looking all sweet and innocent!...as if butter wouldn't melt and all that! hehehe!...well I suppose he is a perfect little westie!...well I would say that wouldn't I :)
Even though it was 'Garden Mayhem' for a good few hours...we all enjoyed ourselves immensley....sitting in the sun and eating cake and drinking tea, fetching and carrying...talking and laughing...it was a fabulous day indeedy!
I'd like to thank Liz and Charlie for choosing to come to our 'Happy House' and taking the lovely piccies that they did in our garden....

Of course I cannot show you them!....Otherwise, what would be the point of buying them!...but I can assure you, that when you see them in the shops....some time in June/July! you will love them...and know that they are the cards...taken at 'Happy's' House!
So until the next time my lovely gals....
I hope you are all having a lovely week...

Love Happy

A Girly Interior in London

Yep! My luverley gals! Here it is!
The 'Edition de Paris' Book is finally out!

and look who's on the front cover!
...Why its little 'ole me of course! Wowee! what a surprise!
This book is aimed at the Japanese market, but
there is also a BIG following of these lovely little books here in 'Blighty' and indeed all over the world! renouned for their inspirational interior ideas!
Ah ha!...and look at the back of the book! see that buntin! well this is little Anton's bedroom, his Mummy and Daddy came to do the photoshoot for this book and my Hubby Fred made this with him while he was with us!....and look! he liked it so much that he has it in his room :)...

There are 12 delicious Girly Interiors in this book which includes Me!
Lobster and Swan,  Cabbages and Roses,  Emma Cassi, and Mademoiselle Robot,

Thank you so much to Emma Cassi and her hubby Betrand (a fabulous photographer!) and Aya Nomura, a lovely Japanese lady from 'Le editions de Paris' for coming over to our 'Happy House' and creating these lovely pages within this sooooo stylish book!
Go and check it out gals...you don't want to miss a treat! Its packed full of yummy shops in London too, many I frequent! but never let on! LOL!

Love Happy x

I must just say thankyou....

I must just say a BIG thankyou to my lovely friend Jacqui in New Zealand! She made me this wonderful bag...isn't it just divine...!  Do you remember a while back, I created her blog Magpie Chic!  well I really got to know her well, even though she lives all the way over on the other side of the world!
 Amazing isnt it! how we can have friends in other countries, to talk and share things with!
...Jacqui is a DIAMOND! a wonderful lady indeed...
....and she liked her blog so much that she sent me this lovely bespoke handmade 'Big up Blighty' bag to say thank you to me for creating it!  I was so excited when I opened it...it is sooooo me!

She has lovingly embroidered 'Big up Blighty' 'happylovesrosie.co.uk' and 'English Rose' with an actual rose appliqued on it too! there is also lace and buttons and a lovely New Zealand Flag....oh I am soooo thrilled to bits!


Please do go and pay her a visit to find out what a super lady she is :)

Love Happy x

Happy's latest finds....

I thought I would show you these pretty things that I have found on my travels here and there, lately...I use the excuse that I need the exercise! LOL! and its so fun browsing around Antique and Flea Markets on the search for something rather special!  Above is this lovely doll...Now! I just love this type of doll and I have been looking for one for ages that fits perfectly with my kinda style!...and isn't she lovely! We call her Rosie, as she looks just like her :)!
I have also been lucky enough to lay my hands on these lovely rosettes...
Soooo chic and eclectic!
....and look at this lovely Sylvac Doggie! I collect these and I managed to get this one for £10! A bargain if ever I saw one!
Ialso love collecting tins, as you can organise a collection into these and make it look more exciting than the plastic boxes you get from the High Street! YUK!

....Although I do love vintage tupperware too! brings back lovely childhood memories! :)  Mainly of my beaker leaking in my school bag! but you get my drift! hehe!
Baskets are something that I always seem to lay my hands on quite easily! and I have bought a few lately! and I will be listing them on my website soon!
Thats of course if I can bring myself to part with them!
Heres another new tin...I love the graphics on this!
....and this lovely rose book and picture...are just so beautiful...I promised myself that I would replace a few of my old pictures this year, with 'new' old ones, so this beauty will look 'mighty fine' in my hall! and I bought this book for the purpose of doing a bit of decoupage, as it has some lovely rose piccies in it! and it was just toooo lovely to just leave it on the shops shelf!

Have you bought anything 'divine' lately?
C'mon...you can tell us all here :)

Love Happy x

Garden Make Over Done!

Yep gals garden makeover has been accomplished!
...although really it was just a good ole tidy up!
Fred's Mum and Dad came down to us on Wednesday to help...we shall call them the A-team.....coz although they are in their 60's they are so fit the pair of them and get jobs done in no time!
The A-team mended the fence around the Victorian patio area and actually fixed it properly with Posts!..all dug into the ground and everything!...this, last year, had been propped up with the old bike from our old shop and the above garden bench!
I ordered in some 'Big up Blighty' bunting to decorate here and there and put the other shabby weathered pieces in the wash....

Its amazing isn't it...how everything comes back to life again in the garden! I mean all that snow and rain and frost from the winter...and then a little sunshine and voila! everything comes up rosy again!
I mean look at these lovely little beauties...they weren't in the garden last year...perhaps a bird dropped a seed...but I have a few bunches of these scattered around, aren't they lovely.
 And since, weeding the beds...these little butterflies have loved sitting on this Euphobia, or at least I think this is called that!...One of my lovely Blogging friends mentioned it and also I was at a Garden fete the other day and a lady had some for sale that looked rather like these....
The grass looks lovely now...we had to strim it all first, hehehe! I don't think the neigbours liked us very much...as we were strimming it most of the day...yes the grass was THAT long!....I can't take much of the credit for it though as Bridget put me to shame, she strimmed a good three quarters and a half! of the whole garden and I just finished off the last little bit!...B.A Baracus has nothing on her :)!
Apparently this plant is called Kerria? Quote me if I am wrong!...it has such a pretty flower on it....Oh dear! Scuuuuuse the washing! :) but it was such a lovely day at the 'Happy House', I just had to take advantage, even though we were gardening :)
As I was finishing off the the strimming, Bridget asked me if there was anything else she could do? so I asked her if she could clear around the back of the garage...well! she is such a fast worker! In the time it took me to finish off the tiny bit of strimming...she had gone around the whole back of the garden, sweeping and clearing and making it all look 'mighty fine' indeedy!...Gosh I love that woman! :)
But off course I done my fair share! LOL! I was weeding the beds and pulling out that rotten 'Bind weed'! before it decided to take-over like last year! I think I will put that plant into Room 101!...we had a lovely time and now all that is left to do is add some more colour...

I have some plants arriving next week, because we have a Card Company coming on over to the 'Happy House' to take pictures of the Caravan....Very exciting stuff! Yes our  little Caravan will be on Cards all over Blighty!..So the geraniums that will be arriving, will add a lovely colourful touch :)

The garden looks lovely now, thanks to my lovely Mother and Father-in-law, they also fixed a few things around the house that needed doing too! and even fitted a new toilet seat! Yep! I wanted the Union Jack one! but seeing as that was soooo last year apparently! we opted for the Red one! Well it wouldn't be the 'Happy Bathroom' would it! :) without a shiny red toilet seat! LOL!

...I'll be posting about the Card Company shoot when it happens,
 so keep your eyes peeled :)

...Oh and talking of shoots!....Heres my lovely Rosie! Bless her!
Have you seen the photoshoot I did with her?...she makes a wonderful model, what with that lovely HAPPY and pretty face of hers...we had a right ole giggle!...

Bye for now...and a HAPPY May Day to you all!
Oh and remember its 'DARLING BUDS OF MAY DAY' tommorow on ITV3 all day long! TOTAL BLISS!

Love Happy x