Onwards and Upwards

Hello my lovely lassies…I am working to a deadline this weekend! Computer is now back from the menders! and I am on a mission!…Yep! I have about 10,000 things to list on my website! LOL!

You see I thought I had a few weeks left to get my website ready for the Magazine launch! Do you remember…last year when the lovely Selina Lake and Debi Treloar came to visit us and took pictures of our house! well the time has arrived and the mag will be out on Tuesday! Yikes! I didn’t realise it was going to be out soooo sooooon! so I am a Gal on a mission this weekend 🙂

Last week whilst were out and about I spotted this guy and just had to take a piccy of his taxi! What a guy eh! A pearly king indeed and a pearly taxi – how fun! and he was selling gardening equipment and tools…just the thing for the Happy House Garden!

I don’t seem to pick up much around here these days as it seems to be all baby equipment and DVD’s!! but I did manage to find this wonderful little dutch gal jug….isn’t she divine and sooo appealed to me…Yes she has that cheeky face, that soooo reminds me of my Nanny Hilda…so of course I just had to buy her!

I have been pottering around in the garden too, and whilst the sun was shining last week I even managed to get a few hours in sunbathing! Although I get very restless laying there doing nothing! I fidget and think about everything that I should be doing and feel very guilty indeed!, needless to say I am still white (shall we say English Rose!) whereas Fred is very tanned indeed! LOL!

We have also celebrated my Mums 80th Birthday…do you rememer back in January her party celebrations were cancelled because of the snow..well here we are in May and everyone was able to turn up and celecrate in style with her…

These are my Mums friends singing ‘We’ll meet again’ at the top of their voices…ahh bless! They actually bought a tear to my eye…it was a lovely day indeed!

I thought I would show you some of the photos of the flowers in the garden that they bought along for the photoshoot the other week…for the yummy caravan cards, that will be in the shops very soon! 🙂

Well they left quite a few of the fresh flowers for us, alot of them were on their last legs, so we got out all our enamel and vases and made lots of displays…theres nothing like fresh flowers in your home is there!  The photo’s at the start of this post are some of them and so

are these ones…they lasted a good week too!

…and how pretty they look!

Anyway I had better be off! as I have a lot of work to do! the only thing is I am feeling a little tired right now as I had some Sangria…only a little tipple! LOL! this afternoon and alcohol has a funny effect on me – probably because I am usually teeeeetotal! Hic! Bad idea that was! hehehe! I thought I was slipping down the chair! and feeling a little too hot!…Oh well onwards and upwards! at least I can pretend I am working and have a few catnaps, behind the laptop lid! LOL! Hubby won’t see, as now I have almost slid down off the chair completely! LOL!

Do have a look on my website I have been listing around the clock! and remember to buy BBC Homes and Antiques! Out Wednesday 2nd June! Coz happy is in it! YAY!

Gosh I bet I look FAT! Shhh I know I am FAT! but I told Debi that she had to do a slimming trick with her state of the art camera…or leave me out completely! lets hope its the latter! LOL!

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