Yep! My luverley gals! Here it is!
The 'Edition de Paris' Book is finally out!

and look who's on the front cover!
...Why its little 'ole me of course! Wowee! what a surprise!
This book is aimed at the Japanese market, but
there is also a BIG following of these lovely little books here in 'Blighty' and indeed all over the world! renouned for their inspirational interior ideas!
Ah ha!...and look at the back of the book! see that buntin! well this is little Anton's bedroom, his Mummy and Daddy came to do the photoshoot for this book and my Hubby Fred made this with him while he was with us!....and look! he liked it so much that he has it in his room :)...

There are 12 delicious Girly Interiors in this book which includes Me!
Lobster and Swan,  Cabbages and Roses,  Emma Cassi, and Mademoiselle Robot,

Thank you so much to Emma Cassi and her hubby Betrand (a fabulous photographer!) and Aya Nomura, a lovely Japanese lady from 'Le editions de Paris' for coming over to our 'Happy House' and creating these lovely pages within this sooooo stylish book!
Go and check it out don't want to miss a treat! Its packed full of yummy shops in London too, many I frequent! but never let on! LOL!

Love Happy x


  1. Oh I am thrilled for you HAPPY!
    Makes me so very very HAPPY to see your loveliness featured in this book!
    Sure wish I could buy one!
    Cause I'd have it out in my home...
    here on Bainbridge Island...
    and when guest popped in...
    and took a browse through...
    I'd say...
    "Hey...I know that adorable English Gal!
    She's my London FRIEND!!"
    I am delighted for you!
    You are so DYNAMIC! xoxoxoxo
    Celebrate in LONDON for me!

  2. Congratulations, your place is just perfect for all to see! stop on by for another It's a Boy Baby Shower Game #2. All winners to announced on Saturday the day of the actual Shower. I have lot's of Games and prizes.Let's Party!

  3. Oh Goodness! I am new to your blog and just loving it! Congrats on your home being featured. That would be a dream come true to me! :)


  4. aww Happy! this is such an exciting news and am definitely gonna get the book! Congrats!!! Time for some bubbly drinks to be opened!

  5. ahhh how awsome! I'm going to go look for a copy now :D xxx

  6. WOW ! How exciting. It must be majical to look through a book or magazine and see everything that you created. Great Job Happy.

  7. How exciting! The photo's look really lovely....

  8. Congratulations Happy :) I love your bright and HAPPY!!!

  9. It is not a surprise you made it to the front cover you have the best home!

    Victoria xx

  10. Wow Happy, how exciting.
    Love the book and the front cover is divine.
    You have a fabby home.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  11. Congrats Happy, that looks like a particularly fabulous photo shoot. The layout is awsome. Best i've seen in ages. I don't know these magazines. We obviously don't getthem in NZ! You certainly are popping up everywhere, which is as it should be!!!
    Love jacqui

  12. I am really chuffed for you Happy! XXX

  13. oh my darling friend you are a magazine star.

  14. oooh Happs thats FAB!!! front cover too..get you!
    Its now on my wishlist of books to buy..I just love those Paumes books. xxx

  15. Shivers Happy what a fabulous book! Just found your blog and linked to you from mine and already in 2 days a couple of people have been like "omg, Happy loves Rosie, how gorgeous is her life!" Thanks for sharing all this scrumpciousness with us, even if it does make us a bit envious!Hehe.

  16. I want this lovely book, where can I find it in the US?


  17. I love these books. Congratulations on being the cover. I peeked it the other day on Lobster & Swan, but didn't realise that was your place. I will be ordering a copy!

  18. You must be just busting out with pride! Which you well deserve! You have a marvelous sense of decorating!

  19. Wow, I've just discovered you & you've knocked my socks off!! Congrats on the cover shot .. Looks to me you are truely worthy.


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