A Girly Interior in London

Yep! My luverley gals! Here it is!
The ‘Edition de Paris’ Book is finally out!

A Girly Interior in London –
les éditions de paris



Unfortunately this book and all its links are nowhere to be found on the internet!

But here is a link to similar books of the same ‘ilk’


and look who’s on the front cover!

…Why its little ‘ole me of course! Wowee! what a surprise!

This book is aimed at the Japanese market, butthere is also a BIG following of these lovely little books here in ‘Blighty’ and indeed all over the world! renouned for their inspirational interior ideas!

Ah ha!…and look at the back of the book! see that buntin! well this is little Anton’s bedroom, his Mummy and Daddy came to do the photoshoot for this book and my Hubby Fred made this with him while he was with us!….and look! he liked it so much that he has it in his room :)…There are 12 delicious Girly Interiors in this book which includes Me!

Lobster and Swan,   which is now The Future Kept!

Cabbages and Roses,  Emma Cassi,  Clare Youngs ,  to name but a few!

Thank you so much to Emma Cassi and her hubby Betrand (a fabulous photographer!) and Aya Nomura, a lovely Japanese lady from ‘Le editions de Paris’ for coming over to our ‘Happy House’ and creating these lovely pages within this sooooo stylish book!

Go and check it out gals…you don’t want to miss a treat! Its packed full of yummy shops in London too, many I frequent! but never let on! LOL!
Love Happy x

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