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Hello Gals...As you all know I have had trouble with my computer just lately and it went off to the 'Tech Guys' the other day....well it was back in no time, only to have everything wiped off of it! Hmmm! anyway at least it is working now! (touch wood!)

My Favourite Christmas Pictures

These pictures are my favourites from my group on Flikr called 


Go on the pictures and view the talented gals that have contributed :)

Love Happy x

This Week!.....

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I have toothache! there no end to my talent! for being the ill'est person around right now!!!!! GRRRR !....

So off to the doctors I went this morning and it turns out that my wisdom tooth on the bottom right hand side has decided to appear!!...Goodness Gracious Me! aren't I a little old for all that milarkie!

Christmas decorations

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Well its time to venture down to the garage and sort out all of our christmas decorations...Yes we have bought all of them with us (when we moved) and we have been buying vintage baubles through the year as well...goodness knows where they are all going to go! we have stacks and stacks! and as I have over-filled our little cottage already, it will be a major uphaul!

And the winner is ..... Woof woof!

Hey guys..... I have just realised a way that I can sort this book giveaway milarkie out!...Phew I am sooo tired, everyone has had the flu and I have been feeling a little icky too!

Anyway I went ahead and drawed a winner this evening...It was a bit difficult with my paws! but because  Mummy and Rosie have been ill, I thought I would lend a paw!...anyway the winner is....

Swine Flu Mayhem!

Oh dear! I am in a bit of a pickle right now! 

We had a lovely weekend and I was reading all your lovely comments that you all left in my giveaway...Thanks gals you ROCK! ;)  and then on Sunday a load of shit nasty things happened!....You see every now and again I think that if you have had a run of good stuff happening, you have to pay with some shit! bad stuff! and that is definitely what has happened...

Blogging for Bliss Give Away

Well here we are! it has finally arrived!....actually its been a bit like buses! yesterday the copy from LARK publishers and Amazon arrived all at the same time! which is good news for you lot :) coz I have a spare copy!

Guess who's back!... why its Freddy of course!

Somebody is back with us in Blogland!

To find out who!...he is an amazing artist! 

Mum's Visit....

My Mum came to visit the other day...we were going to be designing her 80th Birthday Party Celebration Invites...she wanted to have it printed on a simple notelet...but I thought for such a special occassion...they needed to be pretty special too!

Guy Fawkes Night Supper....Yum!

Tagliatelli spaghetti (1 fresh 250g packet serves 4)

1 leek chopped, Bacon lardons (as many as you like, I use 2 £1.00 packets from tesco's)
1-2 large tablespoons horseradish (depending on how hot you like it)
3/4 pint of milk
knob of butter (or dollop! LOL)

Grrrrr! NO MORE JEDWARD !!!!!




I actually think it is a FIX to get more people talking about the show!
....Apparently Ireland cannot vote! and thats why I find it even more unbelievable that they are being kept in!I think we should be allowed to see how many voted for each of them...because how do we know that the votes are NOT fixed!....Sorry about this MOAN...but I just had to get it off of my chest! LOL! GRRRR!