Happy Halloween

Well...Here we are! Saturday 31st October...Welcome to Halloween!...and the Church on the Green. I have been meaning to go down to my local church and take some pictures, because the last time I visited it, I didnt have my camera on me, but spent a good hour having a look around this lovely place...set amoungst Gillinghams 'surburbia' !

Mirror Mirror...on the wall

Do you remember this lovely vintage mirror that we had on the wall in the dining room of our old house?

Happy's Kitchen

Hello gals...I thought it was about time that I showed you my kitchen, you see I have been putting this off for quite sometime now!....and all because I do not like the design of the cupboards! I would love to rip them out and fit a more neutral shaker style kitchen, but alas I am not made of money these days!  So we have done the best we can!

Introducing - ZARA CARPENTER

Hello Gals...Have you been feeling the chill this week, have you sorted out your wardrobe and put all your summer clothes away for next year? If like me you have done all of that and are looking for some bright and beautiful head gear to wear with your winter separates... then look no further.....

Wonderful Autumn

Isn't this spider and his web....just wonderful! Nature is a magnificent thing, don't you think!

Love Happy x

The Old Rectory Vintage Sale

The other week we visited the Old Rectory Sale, it was a lovely weekend and Margaret and Madeleine had done themselves proud with the way the had displayed everything. 

It was going to be a lovely sunny weekend! Its like they order the sun every time...as they have been sooo lucky with the weather in the past (all except for the last sale! lots of rain! YUK!)

Pretty Finds and Washing Lines

Hi gals...I thought you all might be interested in the wonderful finds I have found over the last few weeks....alas though I have not found my XXL grey knit to adorn my red and pink roses too...but no sooner than I find it, I will be getting to work with it and showing you what I have created...don't worry about that!...its just its a little harder to pick up a larger size in the Charity shops around here! and especially a good (or used to be good!) charity shop in my local town, has now got a helper that is my size! What a cheek!!!

Fancy a new blog banner?


These are old...but soon! I just might be doing something again over here

updated 29/10/17

Love Happy x


Well here we are heading towards the autumnal months and everythings a changing in the garden! Now I promised myself that I wouldn't do a post like this because I cannot stand Autumn and Winter! Its simply not good for your health you know! and because here in Blighty, we do not have very good summers!....to have to go through these very short days...some as short as 8 hours of daylight! is simply just NOT fair!

Full Moon!

I picked a mighty fine time to do a blog tonight! apart from the fact it is a full moon! Men are affected by this! did you know? we have our monthlies and men are ruled by the moon!...so with this knowledge I went to bed early to do a blog, leaving, a sure to be in a bad mood soon! Freddy downstairs watching the TV!...BAD idea!! You see lately I have been sorting out my pictures, as I take about 5 of each shot!