QVC !...Na Not Me!

OMG...Its been one of those kinda days...!

I decided to have a rest today, because yesterday I did rather overdo it on my poorly battered and bruised legs....please do remember that I am looking kinda like a reject from a St Trinians movie LOL! but NOT in the sexy black stockined look that those naughty school girls were famous for....but in this years pasty white look! (SsSSsHhhhhh! My lovely medical tights!)

Barbie, flowers and the Union jack with a sprinkling of Cath Kidston

Hello gals...I awoke at 10.30am today! I am still suffering badly from the anaesthetic! OOoh I do suffer so bad!...Anyway, I wouldn't of been able to walk around this morning so Mr Happy took Rosie to the Booty so that she could help him with carrying things etc...and they were both 'on form'! look at what they both came back with!

Its all plain sailing now!

Just to let you all know I am doing fine after my op, I was in and out within the day and apart from a few of which I have realised that I do not react very well to anaesthetic or codeine tablets!!

Friends and Family

Hello gals....its been a lovely week here at the 'Happy House' and we have been very busy, last week it was Rosie's 16th Birthday and...did she have a 'Ball' ! we went shopping, had lunch out with her lovely friends and she also had a party....oh it was very fabulous! and on monday she will be having part of her birthday pressie...which is a 'First Drive' at an airfield near us! she just can't wait to learn and is always going on about it - so I booked up her first lesson....which enables her to do different manoevers like parking - emergency stop, reversing, slalom etc etc all in a dual controlled car!

Our New Baby Vintage Caravan

OMG! Guess what guys!!!! something arrived in the garden today! it was Big! Green! and only had two wheels! It looks kinda odd! but Mummy, Daddy, Rosie, Grandad and Grandma were all making cooing noises! It was attached to Grandad's BIG red jeep and everyone had to help to get it into the garden!

The Bedroom....

I'd thought I'd show you some pictures of our bedroom...its about the same size as our other one, but we have a fireplace on one wall and a cupboard on the it seems like we have less room.

Lazy Dayz....

We spent most of the time in the garden this weekend....apart from the grass needing a cut! (the lawnmower blew a gasket the other day!) its looking good!