Just to let you all know I am doing fine after my op, I was in and out within the day and apart from a few complications...one of which I have realised that I do not react very well to anaesthetic or codeine tablets!!
I am doing well... I have had, a major, knobbly & painful varicose vein taken out of my right leg...I have a rather large bandage on it (3 to be exact!) and an awful TED white stocking on the other leg! Lovely! The nurse told me as soon as the bandage falls off I am to put a TED stocking on my poorly leg, which should be about sunday morning!! well I can tell you! as soon as I hobbled outta the hospital...the 'ruddy' bandage was around my ankles!.....Not a good look! LOL!

Fred's Mum and Dad popped around today...they have been such a good help :) they mowed our lawn, as our lawnmower packed up the other week! and Bridgitte de-weeded the beds, which was another good job done!

We sat in the garden drinking tea and chatting and although it was a sunshine and cloudy type of day...it was still lovely!...we even had supper in the garden...it is all looking rather SUPER DUPER out there....especially now the Holivan is finished! and sitting by it, in the deckchairs, was just like being on holiday!

Oh yes! my convalescence is going to be very dandy indeed! Don't worry chicks, I'll be bringing you the piccy's soon :)

Love Happy x


  1. heal quickly!! Let everyone else take care of you! That could be rather nice I bet!

  2. Hope your convalesence goes speedily.
    I had to wear those TED stockings for 6 weeks recently after my op, I can sympathise!
    Take care and looking forward to seeing the new pics.
    Lisa x

  3. God bless you Happy with a super quick recovery :) I agree with Vivian, let the other's take care of you for awhile - you so deserve it sweetie. Thanks for bringing so much sunny-sun shine into our lives, visiting your blog always brings smiles to me. Hopefully you won't be wearing those white socks very long but knowing you I bet you do something super creative with them anyway :)
    Take care of yourself
    (((hugs)))) all the way from me in

  4. Wow!! Loving it all as always.....

    Hope u feeling tip top today!!!

    Loads of Love from Somerset!!! xxx

  5. glad you're ok, hope you recover fast!

  6. I do hope you recover speedily. I feel for you - I had to wear one of those stockings when I had similiar done some years back. Yuk to them! xxx

  7. Oh, get well soon! I'm glad to hear it's basically gone well, and I hope you continue to enjoy the recuperation. Thanks for the lovely photos!


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