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Mollie Makes Issue 8 and a Happy Giveaway

I am so proud and chuffed to be featured in this wonderful magazine's Christmas Edition...(I have a 7 page spread!) Mollie Makes was set up in July and since then has enjoyed a steady rise in sales and subscriptions...and that is because of one thing....its damn good!
This is a craft magazine for the 21st century...A lot of gals and guys these days have brilliant talents and now with most of us having the internet and writing blogs, joining Etsy and Flickr...these are all mediums to show the world how creative we are...Mollie Makes encapsulates all of this into one magazine...and it is Brilliant...I totally take my hat off to the whole team ;).

Issue 8 has everything and more...first of all, it features my home and how we decorate at Christmas...The lovely Judith Wilson interviewed me and has positively written the most fantastic article that has ever been written (in my opinion)...she has really captured my personality...her words even made me chuckle...thinking at the time...that is soooo me!...

But also it has plenty of beautiful christmassy things to make and proper patterns and careful instructions that even the total beginner can follow....you will also recognise a few names from the craft book and blog scene...like in this Issue...Tilda showing you how to decorate your home with beautiful makes from her series of books...Oh and me! lol!

Another great deal for subscribing to this mag is that they are giving away...A roll of fabrics by The Makery worth £36.00 oh what a deal breaker! Aye! I don't know why they are doing this...as they are by far the best craft magazine on the shelf to date!...I suppose its a way of saying thankyou for making us great, as nearly all of the previous back copies are sold out already...so come on gals get subscribing and get making!...

Meanwhile, you will have to buy Issue 8 from your local newsagent...or HERE (you can buy from this link if you are overseas too ;))...you will also get a free calender for 2012 with the prettiest of pictures to display by FRYD by DESIGN...How delightful ;)


Right...so what if I said I had a spare copy to give-away to one of my lovely readers!...

Yay! I can here you all shout ;)...

Well please leave a comment about what you like making for Christmas...has it been a tradition every year or have you just decided thats what you want to make for Chrimbo 2011? ....

You can enter as many times as you like...with different ideas....of course...and I will be drawing this on Friday evening (Dec 2nd My Birthday) so I shall blog about who is the winner on the Saturday (hopefully in the morning)...depending on, if I have a hangover or not lol! (As I will of been out on the town with Rosie and friends ;))

Good Luck and have a fun weekend.


Vintage Laundry Makeover

Well here we are again gals...my next room that I am going to show you...that I have 'spruced up' is The Cold House ...this is my little 'lean too' on the side of my kitchen, that houses my washing machine and tumble dryer...and as you can see some other stuff ;)

I painted the shelf units in this picture (to the right)...the smaller one red and the larger one blue and it really does set off the pieces that I have displayed on them now...I am in love with these colours...(luckily I had the paint already in storage) I also painted the handles of the Kitchenmaid unit red (they were yellow)
The white tall shelf unit above was originally pine and when I fisrt bought it I had every intention to paint it white...but time passed and I hadn't done anything about it!...but look now with a coat of paint it sure does look great and all my bits and pieces look lovely on it...don't you think?

Heres a closer look at them...
A bit early I know, but I found this little Christmas Card in a draw and it was too cute to put back in there, so I have displayed it here.
Pretty and Happy Shabby...it was really refreshing displaying our things differently...at one point I did think I was going to run out of bits and pieces...but after a couple of trips to the storage unit and a few searches through draws and cupboards...I had more than enough ;)
The picture on top of the dresser was fading so I framed this stamp wrapping paper (from Urban Outfitters) and I think it really looks great up there!
(see another thing I found in a draw that I had forgotten about!)
either I am loosing my mind or we have fairies in the house! lol!

I pinned pictures on the wall here...well really I needed frames, but the times I have gone out and forgot to buy them, or they weren't the right size!...so I have decided to pin them up here and there just how they are...you will see alot of that around my house in the coming weeks...I cant stand bare walls...I have to have them filled to the brim lol!
Now this is the other side of 'The Cold House'...as you can see there is a window here and behind that is the kitchen...so here I have displayed my french shelf that was originally in the Sitting Room...yes that is two spotty bowls the same! I must have forgot I had one already  Eek!
This display unit was a french grey colour...looking a bit wishy washy, so out came the red paint again! and a few coats later it looked like this. (I am currently using Surf (£3.00) and Yellow Lenor (£2.00) from Wilkinsons a brilliant deal and smells luverley)

...and I have displayed some of my art and items I had in cupboards that goodness knows what I was saving them for...I definitely need to get my sewing machine out soon because there are so many things that I want to make for the house, with my stash of material, ya know the score...cushions, curtains, aprons etc...but I am running out of November...and soon it will be December! Chrimbo decoration month! Geez! I might have to invite you all round to mine to help me get organised! hehehe! Imagine that! A sewing party, with Cheese and Wine!....Hmmm! Heaven ay!

Well I hope you like all the changes...Please please please let me know what ya'll think and I hope I have inspired you to decorate your home the Happy Shabby way...perhaps as a tip though...get Christmas outta the way and start in January...otherwise you will be as stressed as me! lol!

Speak soon my luverlies,


Lovely new items arrived into the Happy Shop ...

Click on the pictures to view -
I hope there is something there for you ;)

BUT DO STILL VISIT http://www.happylovesrosie.com

New Look Vintage Kitchen ... Done!

Well a couple of posts ago, I showed you how I had re-arranged my kitchen and painted all the shelves...well what I didn't show you was how we have covered the kitchen cupboard doors in white sticky backed plastic! {I bought this from Wilkinsons...but it is available on ebay ;)}
...and what a transformation...you see I am trying to do this on a very tight budget...what with heating bills and the cost of living totally gone through the roof, I wanted a new look without a major expense...the sticky backed plastic was £5.00 a roll and I bought 3 rolls...
...and the cost of the white paint was totally free, as I have become a member of FREECYCLE in my area.  I asked for some white paint in the summer...and to my surprise a lovely lady in the next town offered me a large tin of exterior matt...well since then I have painted quite a few surfaces with it...including my kitchen shelves.

All the rest of the kitchen is a snippet of our vintage French enamel and shabby cottage collectables...apart from the washing up bowl...we had to have a new red one, which cost £2.00, I think that was from Wilkinsons.

So the total cost of this happy kitchen make-over was £17.00...what a bargain!...see it just shows you what you can do, when you put your mind to it...or should I say! when you get your mojo back! lol!

PS...we have a new fridge...hence it looks a bit bare at the moment..the other one died on us :(