The Help - Go and see this fabulous film

Rosie and I went to see this film yesterday...we laughed, we sympathised, we gasped and we cried...take plenty of tissue with you...but please go and see is a divine film with wonderful actors...for me its one of those films that when it comes out on DVD, I will be adding it to my home collection...kinda like 'steel magnolias' I am sure this film will be a classic for many moons to come.



  1. I loved that movie!! I loved the book even better!

  2. I saw it and LOVEd it.. I will buy a copy also when it comes out. I bought the book too, but havent had a chance to read it yet.

  3. Hi,
    I saw the movie and also liked it.
    Although it did reflect rather badly on us Southerners. I sure didn't have a maid growing up, either. :)

  4. I read this book and did all of the above, laughed, cried, sympathised and was embarrased of the culture I grew up in at times while reading this book. Even as a child, I felt something about segregation was just wrong......but had no words for it at a young age. I grew up in the northern states, but remember vividly the images on the news, and I would have to leave the room I would become too upset to watch them. I am sure it was happening all around me in my part of the world as well, but I was a pretty sheltered kid. I think this book and movie tell of a time in America that we all need to remember or if we aren't old enough, be sure to be taught about! I am still not sure I can go see the movie, perhaps when it comes out on DVD so I can pause it when I have to take a break.....

  5. I really enjoyed the book and when NatWest sent an email 'as a valued customer would you like to see a pre view for free' well you don't get that very often. Fabulous film.


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