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Hello Gals...As you all know I have had trouble with my computer just lately and it went off to the 'Tech Guys' the other day....well it was back in no time, only to have everything wiped off of it! Hmmm! anyway at least it is working now! (touch wood!)

Right! so now I have the painstaking job of loading everything (thank goodness I had saved all my pictures!) back onto it seems I have a new disk! so I have lost everything....and each day I am realising how much work I have to do, just  to reload everything back onto it...

I have also realised that all my email contacts are now missing....yes! everyone of you that has emailed me in the past has been deleted off! please please please! if you have ever emailed me or left a comment in the last year...could you just drop me a little line - so that I can have your email addresses back again! This time I have set an email account up in googlemail, so that I will not loose you all, if it ever happens again :)

You can still email me, on my profile page (there is a link there) but I would be very grateful if you could email me here :) as well just the once - as this is the new address where I can keep you all safe :)

Thanks for all your help and I am so sorry if you are waiting for a reply from me....


My Favourite Christmas Pictures

These pictures are my favourites from my group on Flikr called


Go on the pictures and view the talented gals that have contributed :)

This Week!.....

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I have toothache! there no end to my talent! for being the ill'est person around right now!!!!! GRRRR !....

So off to the doctors I went this morning and it turns out that my wisdom tooth on the bottom right hand side has decided to appear!!...Goodness Gracious Me! aren't I a little old for all that milarkie!

Actually I had thought that I had gotton away with it all...thinking that if it hadn't happened by now! it never will!...mind you - there is room for the little blighter to come through! I mean! what with my life long love of all things sweet...I have had a few losses in the back teeth department over the years.

Oh but the pain!...I was sent home with some strong pain killers and told to sit it in true British spirit....onwards and upwards, here I am trying to get through another rotten saga!....It seems like I have spent a few weeks in bed now...still never is the right time for Hibernating isnt it ;)

Christmas decorations

upside down!, originally uploaded by happy loves rosie.
Well its time to venture down to the garage and sort out all of our christmas decorations...Yes we have bought all of them with us (when we moved) and we have been buying vintage baubles through the year as well...goodness knows where they are all going to go! we have stacks and stacks! and as I have over-filled our little cottage already, it will be a major uphaul!

 Above are some of the lovely decorations that we have found just lately...the colours are fabulous, so bright and decadent.
The first picture at the top was taken 2 years ago now, when we lived on the Island (stepford wives) we had a lovely sitting room there - very large could of put a tree anywhere and it would never look crowded....but here at 'The Meadows' it is a different story!

I really do not know where I shall be placing the tree...if at all, coz I like everything as it is...its all cosy and if I were to move anything I am frightened that I will loose that feeling...but hey ho...onwards and upwards as my old Nanny Hilda used to say!...Perhaps I will have to compromise and not have one in the sitting room at all...we'll see eh!;)

I do love decorating with twigs...check them out over the doorway above in our old can hang baubles and clip cards to the branches and it really does look effective.

 Also another thing that we do....and I can see my Mum shaking her head in disgrace!LOL! is Card swapping! Oh yes gals....if the card doesn't match the decor, it gets put in the cupboard and replaced with one that does! one that I have either made myself or saved from years previous! Is that SAD or what! hehehe!

Well it is a bit cheeky...but if peeps don't know me by now! their card deserves to be put in the cupboard don't you think! :D

Is there anyone else out there like me?

Anyway I will keep you all posted on our Christmas decorating progress...Speak soon gals...

And the winner is ..... Woof woof!

Hey guys..... I have just realised a way that I can sort this book giveaway milarkie out!...Phew I am sooo tired, everyone has had the flu and I have been feeling a little icky too!

Anyway I went ahead and drawed a winner this evening...It was a bit difficult with my paws! but because
 Mummy and Rosie have been ill, I thought I would lend a paw!...anyway the  winner is....

*** HORAAH woof HORAAH ***
Please send Mummy your details....and she will send you the book and Thank you to everyone that took Mummy loves you all :)

...I also wanted to show you these pictures of me...oh I know I know! I am such a whoos! but I love shopping and when my legs are tired...I just sit down and will not move for anyone! Bless!

I even fall asleep sometimes....

but it is just soooo cosy, having a little sit in the shopping dogs out there try it! Of course you will have to get your Mummy to get a bag big enough for you to sit in WOW! (woof out woof!)

But if you are as dosey as me you will love being carried around in a bag...
Bye and woof for now to get off of daddies computer!

Love Max &

Swine Flu Mayhem!

Oh dear! I am in a bit of a pickle right now! 

We had a lovely weekend and I was reading all your lovely comments that you all left in my giveaway...Thanks gals you ROCK! ;)  and then on Sunday a load of shit nasty things happened!....You see every now and again I think that if you have had a run of good stuff happening, you have to pay with some shit! bad stuff! and that is definitely what has see, on friday just gone, I was suffering from hot and cold sweats and even Rosie had a little cough appearing, but we took no notice and I, just put my dizziness and the fact that what with 90 mile an hour winds outside (and I had all the windows open!) was probably coz I was having a menopausal moment LOL! 
On Saturday we were visited by the lovely Aya Nomura and Emma Cassi along with her husband photographer, Bertie and Anton her lovely little boy :)  They all came along to photograph our house for a Japanese book coming out in February...

Hello there Bertie :)
This is a lovely Anton...Isn't he gorgeous :D
...and this is the lovely Emma and Aya :)
( I hope you are all OK guys...I'll email you when I can :))

....Anyway we all had a lovely time chatting and getting along and Rosie and I both felt fine!...apart from a lovely BIG cold sore that had appeared on the centre of my lip!!! LOVELY!!! especially for the photographs!!...still Bertie told me he could photoshop that out LOL! ....(he's my friend for life if he can photoshop, my BIG Belly and double chin out too! hahaha!) :D

We had such fun, we laughed and drank tea.....and I never stopped talking...sorry guys :) Freddy played with Anton, they crafted together and had a pillow fight :) in fact they both got on sooo well little Anton didn't want to leave :) the photographs were taken and it was time for them all to go home :(
After they were gone and after about an hour Rosie started to feel sick....she took to her bed and after a couple of hours her temperature had shot up to 39 degrees! she was coughing and her back was aching...OMG it was sooooo worrying, as she has diabetes and has a low imune you can imagine how worried we were!...anyway Fred rang the swine flu hotline and after a few minutes diagnosis they had decided she should be perscribed Tamiflu!....Now whilst all this was happening and before we rang the hotline, Freddy went onto a website about he never touches my computer...he would never dare!...but it was all a bit of a panic and whilst he was trying to get Rosie computer screen went blank as if it was struck by lightning and actually had a major disk error, which now needs a major repair! (it is only 5 months this should not be happening really should it!)....
Rosie is much better now and because we caught it early the Tamiflu and paracetamol working together is really doing the trick...her temperature today was 35.5...PHEW! What a worry that all now Rosie's better and that is all I ever want! and my computer is getting picked up tomorrow...but apparently I will loose data! so thank goodness I have backed everything up! (do! do that folks!) I have all my photo's on 3, 16mb memory sticks!!!LOL! I will never change! ;)

So, I will have to draw the Giveaway, when I get my computer back, as my emails are still going to that computer! Eek! If I can find a way to sort this out before hand I will...but its complicated and I am using Freds Mac here right now and he hasn't got email set up on it - coz you have to pay or something like that!....anyway...any news and I'll let you all know! I will draw it....but please give me a little time until I get it back, they told me about 2 weeks! 
Goodness sake...what's a gal to do without her computer!...hopefully I will make lots of things! I have been thinking about making some pressies, so I'll show you all what I have been upto as soon as I can.  And if you are expecting an email from me...please be patient! I will try and sort it all out gals...slowly but surely :)
The main thing is my Rosie is well and if I have had to pay this way then that is ok! I would give anything to have my children fit and well...sometimes things happen for a reason...

Thank goodness she is Ok now :) and thanks everyone for commenting on my blog...I love you all....Speak soon gals

Oh and sorry for the random piccies here and there! I am choosing from Fred's collection and he hasn't as many as me :)

Blogging for Bliss Give Away

Well here we are! it has finally arrived!....actually its been a bit like buses! yesterday the copy from LARK publishers and Amazon arrived all at the same time! which is good news for you lot :) coz I have a spare copy!

As you have probably guessed I have been featured in this book (page 43 and 134) and Oh what fun it was participating...there is such alot of information here, especially if you are looking for new ideas and help with increasing traffic and creating a new look for your blog.

Tara Frey is the creator of this divine piece of kit, it is illustrated with beautiful photographs and the prelude is all about the reason why she blogs for features 50 of her favourite blogs and plenty of titbits and info....

So come on girls...would you like to be in with a chance to win this 'Must have' book...Come on then!...all you need to do is leave a comment on why you 'Blog for Bliss' and thats it!

My page mate (page 42) happens to be the wonderful
HAPPY ZOMBIE...her name is Monica and she sooo cracks me must pay her a visit....thats the thing about blogging isnt it! All the wonderful peeps you find and mate up with :)


so good luck gals.....I'll draw this on Monday 16th November, speak to you all soon.
...And have a Happy Week...

Guess who's back!... why its Freddy of course!

Somebody is back with us in Blogland!

To find out who!...he is an amazing artist! 


Yes gals...sorry another conclusion here! gosh this is becoming a slight habit!! Eek! but thanks to all those lovely ladies that went over and indeed left a comment on my lovely Husband's blog!...Yes thats Freddy my very talented hubby!...this time last year he nearly met St Peter at the Pearly gates! but thank goodness he was saved! his problems have since escalated regarding his health but he finds solice in our crafting caravan...I have decided to let him have it :) as once he is in there and with all his crafting goodies around him....he is one happy long as I am supplying him with Fresh tea and biscuits :)

So Thank you honey's for paying him a visit....his posts might not be as frequent as they once were...but he is having another go! Please encourage him lassies :)

Thanks soooo much xx

Mum's Visit....

My Mum came to visit the other day...we were going to be designing her 80th Birthday Party Celebration Invites...she wanted to have it printed on a simple notelet...but I thought for such a special occassion...they needed to be pretty special too!

So we got to work....and in proper Mother and daughter tradition (or at least in our house! LOL!) we argued and changed our minds several times before we came up with a simple yet stunning card!

Oooh don't think it was this one! that got rejected too! hehehe! and plus the english was incorrect on this was very simple in the end...just the first piccy on a red carded background....simple yet perfect :) You can use this piccy if you want...My Mum will be sooo flattered if you use her picture in your work :) and if you do use it at all please do show us :) is a picture of my Mum when she was 18 years old and I think the surrounding material is a Tanya Whelan fabric - but please correct me if I am might be a Cabbages and Roses!...But I changed some of the flowers in photoshop to fit around the frame.

We did have a laugh though! even though my Mum doesn't really like the decoration of the HAPPY house and frequently moans about how cluttered we are! Rotten cheek!....each to their own taste ay!

It was nice having her over to stay for a few days...
Where did all those years go! I remember her reading me Nursery Rhymes - only yesterday! :)