Happy Halloween

Well...Here we are! Saturday 31st October...Welcome to Halloween!...and the Church on the Green. I have been meaning to go down to my local church and take some pictures, because the last time I visited it, I didnt have my camera on me, but spent a good hour having a look around this lovely place...set amoungst Gillinghams 'surburbia' !

This church is amazing...founded before 1086, you really get a sense of history and people that have lived before us...just by walking around it....(if you are interested in the History of my local church...please click here ;) ) 

The people that are buried here are from all era's...there are soldiers buried here from when the Dutch invaded back in 1667 to a Mr Palmer Esq who died of Yellow Fever in 1851...I am sorry if you are finding this all rather morbid, but I find this all soooo interesting :)

I love history and architecture....and what better place to live, than Medway, which is so steeped in history, what with Chatham down the road (famous for its world renowned Dockyard!) and Rochester a bit further down, known for the Home of Charles Dickens...you can imagine the beautiful places that we are living amoungst eh!

Ok ok, so we have our dodgy parts! what area doesn't! but I feel we should celebrate our history here in medway...Do it yourself in your area, take a walk and look around...sit on a park bench and take in the history of your area...you see the thing is we are all rushing around these days! driving here and there....not noticing the beautiful places that are staring us in the face!

Our church parish is called St Mary Magdalen and I have often wondered whether the Island that we lived on previously, which was called St Mary's Island, was named after this church, as St. Mary's has had a close connection with the Royal Navy and with the Chatham Royal Dockyard (much of which actually lay within Gillingham) through the centuries....and for very many years our church tower was a navigational mark for ships sailing up the Medway estuary.

Above is the view from around the back of the church...as you can see it overlooks the River Medway!.....there is also ample grounds in the church and although alot of its 20 acres has now been taken away and used for housing (especially the little  cottages that align the surrounding streets, that were built for the dockers) I understand that it was used for a fair held once a year and a market once a week in the 14th century.

Gosh I have gone off on a bit of a tangeant here, but its lovely to find out such things from ones area, don't you think :) .....so anyway whats all this got to do with Halloween! well! it just seemed a little apt if you know what I mean...graveyards and all that! Although this church is not 'spooky' at all! This is my little contribution to this holiday season.

....And if you are religious, please do not be affended by the fact that I have dressed some of these piccies up in Halloweenesq stylie, its just a bit of fun!...something which is still kinda catching on over here in 'Blighty'!...(celebrating Halloween i mean!) You guys from across the pond are sooo brilliant at all the decorations and fun for the kids etc!...you couldn't fly me over there could ya...so I could celebrate with ya'all...LOL! p'haps next year! hehehe!

So come on gals...what are you doing for halloween and how have you decorated the house...have you gone overboard?...Have your neigbours gone overboard? do you love to decorate and make things for this season and when do you take them decs down? what is the most you have ever collected, when you have gone trick or treating? and whats the worst trick you have ever played on someone

Let me know gals...I would love to hear from you :)

Bye for now and

Mirror Mirror...on the wall

 Do you remember this lovely vintage mirror that we had on the wall in the dining room of our old house?
.....Well! last weekend, My hubby's Dad (we'll call him Big Fred!) bought his masonary drill over to our house and together, we put it on the wall of our new dining room! well I say new!...we have been in this house nearly a year now! but peeps say that it looks like we have lived here for years!...we also changed the configuration of the dining table and have been able to fit in, the old house's hall table too!  Goodness knows how much else we will be able to fit in this little cosy cottage!....soon the walls are sure to fall down with all the weight of the furniture and 'object ja doiux'!!!! LOL!

Happy Thursday gals...speak soon xx

Happy's Kitchen

Hello gals...I thought it was about time that I showed you my kitchen, you see I have been putting this off for quite sometime now!....and all because I do not like the design of the cupboards! I would love to rip them out and fit a more neutral shaker style kitchen, but alas I am not made of money these days!  So we have done the best we can!

We have covered the worktops with our vintage french enamel oven backs, as the worktops are a horrible grey style granite (yuk)! why do they make kitchens with this stuff!.... And we have covered the back cupboards with this lovely Cath kidston wallpaper.... to give a totally different look the the kitchen (well we are trying!)....

Taking off the cupboard doors is a good idea....that way you can decorate with your items instead of putting up with disgracefull cupboards!

As you all know, we love checks, spots and stripes here at the Happy House, so I have to have plenty of bright tins and useful jugs scattered around.

See what I mean....these bowls look great don't they! all on show...and perfect when you are trying to find something!

I hope you have enjoyed this little look into our kitchen and that it has inspired some of you to do something different on 'the cheap' :)

Speak soon gals...

Introducing - Chatham Girl ....

Hello Gals...Have you been feeling the chill this week, have you sorted out your wardrobe and put all your summer clothes away for next year? If like me you have done all of that and are looking for some bright and beautiful head gear to wear with your winter separates... then look no further.....

....Than 'Chatham Girl' the lovely Zara Carpenter is the owner and designer of these beautiful pieces and she has an etsy shop! Thank Goodness for that I can hear you all cry! as these bespoke accessories will make beautiful christmas presents for all your friends and family....
 ....Zara does a bespoke service, perfect if you need something for a wedding or a special occassion, she really is a talented gal, she also writes poetry and loves turning something tired and old into something new and beautiful.
'Chatham Girl' was born in Kent and in the heart of the historic Naval Port of Chatham....where else!....This town has so much history and wonderful architecture...is it a wonder that this talented girl wanted to call her brand after this great city.

 This is her ETSY SHOP.....Please go and check her out and come and tell me what you think...this is raw British talent at its BEST!

Millinery design by Zara Carpenter

Photography by Rikard Osterlund
Styling by Fanny Kellerman
Make up by Chantelle Queenbarrows
Models :: Bexi LaRouge Wilkinson and Annabella Bassett


Isn't this spider and his web....just wonderful! Nature is a magnificent thing, don't you think!

The Old Rectory Sale

The other week we visited the Old Rectory Sale, it was a lovely weekend and Margaret and Madeleine had done themselves proud with the way the had displayed everything.
It was going to be a lovely sunny weekend! Its like they order the sun every time...as they have been sooo lucky with the weather in the past (all except for the last sale! lots of rain! YUK!)
I got there especially early so I could take these pictures, before everything got touched...and what pretty flowers they had displayed everywhere.
These are my favourite pictures that I am showing you here....they have some wonderful clobber!....and quite a lot of it I recognised!!! from the Happy House! yes I am sad to say that I have actually bought my own items back from them before!

Its like its my very own little pawn palace!....I sell to them...then I think!...now what has happened to that!..and then at the next sale I say to myself "Oh I used to have one of those"! and then Maddie says "This was yours! and your buying it back"! Eek! I am getting worse as I am getting older! LOL!
I took my Mother-in-law with me too, as she is getting into bright colours...it was a great morning out...we all had such a lovely time.

....and what a wonderful display of chairs...oh I really do take my hat off to M and M, they work so hard in bringing us all these lovely items and vintage treasures - it is such a treat.
I just wish I'd of bought this lovely vintage dolls chair, as I want to make a rag doll soon and this would have been perfect!...Still perhaps I'll have a go and make something like it myself! LOL! gosh soooo much to make and sooo little time!

PS..I have still not found my XXXL jumper yet!
(notice I have added another X on the XXXL!!)
Hmmm! I have eaten too much over this weekend! and I feel like a beached whale! LOL!

I'll be back soon gals...

Pretty Finds and Washing Lines

Hi gals...I thought you all might be interested in the wonderful finds I have found over the last few weeks....alas though I have not found my XXL grey knit to adorn my red and pink roses too...but no sooner than I find it, I will be getting to work with it and showing you what I have created...don't worry about that!...its just its a little harder to pick up a larger size in the Charity shops around here! and especially a good (or used to be good!) charity shop in my local town, has now got a helper that is my size! What a cheek!!!...and she seems to be morphing into my colours now too! Now I am all for inspiring peeps! but honestly! she should really leave the larger brighter clothing to me!....still  I will be catching her out with wanting this grey knit....she won't think that I will be after something grey! LOL! so I might stand a chance in there! hehehe!

Do you like my little brooch that I picked up, its soooo pretty isn't it and will look stunning in a pretty box with this rosy hankerchief...a perfect gift to send to my auntie! yes! I am starting to think of Christmas too!....don't get me wrong - although I am not a fan of winter...I do love Christmas! but I am starting to think about spending less this year and giving gifts of a vintage variety, which I am very good at picking up through the year :) I think it will make chrimbo this year more fun and traditional....not sure what the kids will think though :/
I also picked up this lovely pine shelf unit... that was just the perfect size to add some more material too! Oh yes it seems to be coming outta the woodwork lately - I never need to buy anymore material again! so please shout that to me when you see me hovering over some!

I also picked up this little green beehive string dispenser...which I love to pieces and these vintage annuals...OOoOoh I love them! Look 8-) all nice and tidy on my new shelf...I will paint it one day, but at the moment I am loving it this colour.
This deco print was purchased at a local bootsale too...although the bootsales around here are terrible now...as they are coming to the end of the season and no-one seems to have anything decent, so it was a pleasant surprise picking up this little beauty.
I have even managed to get this lovely Hydrangea for my winter garden....and what a lovely colour eh!

Oh and I must show you this piccy!  Fred took it actually! Its of a washing line of a neighbour, we have never spoken to them, but they have only ever put black on the line and then one morning TA DAA! this lovely array of colours appears...I hope thay have been inspired by our washing line! As I never hang black on the line and you can imagine the lovely colours, floral and shabby prints on my washing line can't you! Infact I know this sounds sad! LOL! but the little amount of black we have got I dry indoors...coz I think its a bad omen for the line! hehehe!...sunny lines make sunny days HA HA if only life was that simple!

Have a great weekend gals, Speak soon xx