QVC !...Na Not Me!

OMG...Its been one of those kinda days...!

I decided to have a rest today, because yesterday I did rather overdo it on my poorly battered and bruised legs....please do remember that I am looking kinda like a reject from a St Trinians movie LOL! but NOT in the sexy black stockined look that those naughty school girls were famous for....but in this years pasty white look! (SsSSsHhhhhh! My lovely medical tights!)

Yuk and double YUK!!!!

...anyway, where was I...Oh yes thats it! When I managed to haul myself outta bed (not a pretty sight!) and stumbled downstairs and after two, or was it three cups of tea, I was awake!...I then started to hear the hum of the TV and Mr Happy sitting on the settee looking over at me! 'What did you say'?...I heard myself saying to him!....

Turns out he had been watching QVC since 4am this morning...where aparently he couldn't sleep, because someone was snoring or something!!...not quite sure what he meant by that! but anyway QVC!!...I MEAN QVC!!...Surely only boring people with NO life watches that kinda rubbish don't they! Needles to say I poo poo'ed the whole idea...and started to read through some work which was overdue....but before long I started to look up over my computer and started watching it too! OMG it was so addictive...they were selling crafting bits and bobs....they were mesmerizing us with their enticing talk! OVER AND OVER they repeated how much we should be buying their lovely packs of cards and embellishments...and before I could stop myself...there I was trying to order this special card pack....It felt like a Pinocchio know when he gets enticed away on the wrong road by those nasty men!


GOSH!...but just as I was about to pay...I was saved by the Electron shopping scandal!...In this case I am lucky enough to own a Electron card and QVC do not take this brand!!....PHEW! SAVED!...Do you know what...I could of sooo easily spent a fortune this afternoon....but instead of thinking, lets not watch it, we carried on until the end of the programme - still mesmerized in their spells...

Are we SAD or what! LOL!

Anyway all this sitting around made us hungry so a trip to the shops was called for! where I bought some lovely steak for tea and tiramisu for afters...Yum YUM!

Gosh I wont be having a lazy day tomorrow...all it does is make you more tired and hungry!...and as for the shopping channel... well I think I will give that a miss!
...but it does make you wonder, if we are in the wrong business!! as they were selling out of all that crafting stuff pretty damn quick!

Oh and I hope you like my pictures of this little ATORA book that I found in my cupboard the other day...I had completely forgotten about it! I have added some recipes for you to follow, as I do so love my puddings and thought I would share them with you...

See you soon gals :)

Barbie, flowers and the Union jack with a sprinkling of Cath Kidston

Hello gals...I awoke at 10.30am today! I am still suffering badly from the anaesthetic! OOoh I do suffer so bad!...Anyway, I wouldn't of been able to walk around this morning so Mr Happy took Rosie to the Booty so that she could help him with carrying things etc...and they were both 'on form'! look at what they both came back with!

(Above) A lovely colourful table cloth, embroidered horse badges, a cricket book and a lovely Barbie, with blue boots!....oh! and that ever so cute tiny union jack!

They also bought the chilli lights hanging up over the door.

....and this cute ickle chickadee!

They also came back with these wonderful flowers to cheer me up :)

They also bought this blue heart shelf, some coat hooks, tea and coffee tins, a rotring drawing board and red case, a Cath Kidston purse and pencil case, baskets and milk churns...
OoOh what wonderful finds they found!
They even found this lovely...Ikea, Rosali curtain, which I have just the place for!
Didn't they do well!....
I have got them both so well trained - havn't I! LOL!
I just had to take some piccy's to show you all :)

Mr Happy also bought me this wonderful Hydrangea for the garden, which is one of my favourite plants and also this plant below...which we are not sure of the name, but its just soooo beautiful :)
As you know... I am loving my garden and decorating it like another room! and with my Mother-in-laws help yesterday, (she done a great job of weeding the beds) I want to plant (when I can) A rose bush, a lavender and a few more hydrangeas as those are my three most favourite plants...

I hope the sun shines tomorrow, we are off too the aerodrome, where Rosie will be learning to drive a car....aparently you can even drive tanks and I might have a go! EeK!

Its all plain sailing now!

Just to let you all know I am doing fine after my op, I was in and out within the day and apart from a few of which I have realised that I do not react very well to anaesthetic or codeine tablets!! I am doing well... I have had, a major, knobbly & painful varicose vein taken out of my right leg...I have a rather large bandage on it (3 to be exact!) and an awful TED white stocking on the other leg! Lovely! The nurse told me as soon as the bandage falls off I am to put a TED stocking on my poorly leg, which should be about sunday morning!! well I can tell you! as soon as I hobbled outta the hospital...the 'ruddy' bandage was around my ankles!.....Not a good look! LOL!
Fred's Mum and Dad popped around today...they have been such a good help :) they mowed our lawn, as our lawnmower packed up the other week! and Bridgitte de-weeded the beds, which was another good job done!
We sat in the garden drinking tea and chatting and although it was a sunshine and cloudy type of was still lovely!...we even had supper in the is all looking rather SUPER DUPER out there....especially now the Holivan is finished! and sitting by it, in the deckchairs, was just like being on holiday!

Oh yes! my convalescence is going to be very dandy indeed!
Don't worry chicks, I'll be bringing you the piccy's soon :)

Friends and Family

Hello gals....its been a lovely week here at the 'Happy House' and we have been very busy, last week it was Rosie's 16th Birthday and...did she have a 'Ball' ! we went shopping, had lunch out with her lovely friends and she also had a party....oh it was very fabulous! and on monday she will be having part of her birthday pressie...which is a 'First Drive' at an airfield near us! she just can't wait to learn and is always going on about it - so I booked up her first lesson....which enables her to do different manoevers like parking - emergency stop, reversing, slalom etc etc all in a dual controlled car!

Also I have been doing a bit of I have my Kitchen Maid in the little out house, I am able to sit in there and get all my art out and make a good old jolly mess!...cutting up pieces of material sorting through know finally being able to make things that I have been meaning to make for months...and its bliss!
...And we have been busy decorating our little holivan...Thank goodness we have been hoarders all our lives! Its been very cheap indeed, we have just opened cupboards and moved some furniture around and with the help of scouring only a couple of booties...we have managed to find all of this! (above and below!)
We have had family and friends round for barbecues!
My Mum visited and we lazed around in the garden, chatted and made plans...its her 80th birthday in January and we are celebrating BIG TIME :DWe have been sunbathing...some more than others LOL!

...And I have been pottering around in the garden...and learning about the wonderful plants by the minute. I have even bought myself a pair of rubber garden gloves! too many times I have been stung by stinging nettles! OUCH!
My lovely son Daz, has settled in his new digs...its his second year in September, so he can no longer be in halls...he is now living in a lovely house and he has managed to get the largest room...he hasn't allowed me to 'happy' it yet...but I am working on him LOL!

So as you can see we have had a busy week, but its been so much fun!

...Just a thought! If you are planning a holiday in the UK...please do take it in the next couple of weeks, as I am having a varicose vein operation on friday 24th July and will have to walk a couple of miles a day with bruised and battered legs (to stop deep vein thrombosis) wearing surgical (white...Lovely!) (and Nylon - even lovelier!) tights!!!...So the weather I am sure and knowing my luck! will be well up there in the 80's, that, I am sure! LOL!

Our New Baby....

OMG! Guess what guys!!!! something arrived in the garden today! it was Big! Green! and only had two wheels! It looks kinda odd! but Mummy, Daddy, Rosie, Grandad and Grandma were all making cooing noises! It was attached to Grandad's BIG red jeep and everyone had to help to get it into the garden!

Apparently its an original 1950's Fisher Holivan....I am none the wiser!!! woof!...and I can't really see what all the fuss is about, as I don't really think it is as cute as me!! huh hmmm!
PHEW! lucky I took all these pictures!

Whoop's I never meant to take this one....oh well it makes the place look pretty! Woof!
Heres Grandad preparing to push it into place....!

There! all done!...time for a cup of tea!....mines a fresh bowl of water and a denta rusk! woof woof!
Apparently theres nothing in it at the moment...all the inside has been taken out long since! so I think daddy is going to try and fix it up! Mummy said that it is going to be Daddies new home! because he snores too much! woof out woof! WOW!

I am going to sit here and guard I am a terrier! and that is my job to protect the family and mummies new theres a rotten mangey cat that comes into our garden and I don't want her claiming my lovely cool spot underneath! WOW!

Bye for now

The Bedroom....

I'd thought I'd show you some pictures of our bedroom...its about the same size as our other one, but we have a fireplace on one wall and a cupboard on the it seems like we have less room.

...but it feels so much cosier, and from the window, we can see one of our trees from the garden, so when we are having breakfast in bed, we can watch all the birds chirping away!

We have started collecting vintage pictures and the one over by the fireplace I bought on my recent holiday to Somerset....I saw it in a charity shop and had to have it :)

I love our bedroom...I can dream away without a care in the world here, all the colours and vintage treasures are so inspiring, I think it all helps me with my ideas for creating things :)

I have a chicken wire cupboard that is so perfect for keeping the fresh laundered sheets and duvet covers in...It used to be kept in our old garage in the other house, so its nice to see it being used here...

I hope you liked having a little peek into my boudoir! 

Have a great weekend gals.

Love Happy x

Lazy Dayz....

This chubby wood pigeon below insists on tweet twooing all day long...but you kinda - get used to it :)
Yes we had a lovely time this has been so humid...and even when it got a bit blowey and started to rain a little! (gosh we needed it!) we just sat under the gazebo drinking cups of tea and talking.
Max enjoyed the company and was very relaxed too, chasing the odd bumble bee around the garden!
Lazy days are just the best...don't you think! time to look back,
to laugh and make plans
What did you do with your weekend?