People think that it takes a long time to organise a wedding, but this isn’t true. You could organise a wedding in a few hours if you wanted to. But you wouldn’t want to, because this would be a bad wedding, one that isn’t worthy of your love and the future you’re going to spend together. To plan a wedding that’ll live long in the memory for all the right reasons? Yup, that’s going to take time. The best weddings are the ones that look good, are fun, and are infused with the couple’s personality. Below, we take a look at a few ways in which you can make sure that your wedding oozes slices of your personality at every turn.

Look To Your Past

You and your partner will already likely have spent years together, and that means there’s a whole treasure trove of memories you have in your memory box. Why not include some of these memories into your special day? If you spent a year travelling around Southeast Asia, for example, then you could decorate a portion of your reception with mementoes from this period of your life. If nothing else, be sure to include photographs from your past. Take a stroll down memory lane before looking to the future!

Present Day Reality

Your life isn’t just the past and the future; there’s also the here and now What does that look like, and are there any ways to bring that to the wedding? If you two share a hobby that forms a big part of your lifestyle, then you can try to make decorations related to that hobby, and place them around the room. You’ve got a whole big life beyond the walls of the wedding reception room; try to include it whenever you can.

The Entertainment

You’re not going to host a party that’s completely alien to you. It’s going to mirror, in some large or small way, the way you usually do things when you get down to have a good time. So don’t try to hide it! When it comes to live music, look at wedding bands that play the type of music that you and your partner love to dance to. Once they’ve finished, the DJ should be ready to play music that everyone will enjoy, but also a few tracks that you’ve specifically requested; ones that form the soundtrack of your life together (and which are good to dance to).

The Vows

There are some things during the ceremony that you’ll simply have to do, but you do have more scope to put your own spin on it than you might realise. Take the vows. You don’t need just to repeat the same as everyone else does; you can write your own words. So long as you’re saying “I do” and getting all the formal stuff out of the way, you can say anything. A great chance to show your deep love for your partner, which is a side of your personality others may not always see.

Whatever you choose to do, Have a great Wedding and enjoy it!

Love Happy xxx

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  1. When we got married, I was in India in a different city , my husband was in the US, and we wanted to get married in our hometown. We had to arrange everything remotely.. :D


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