Accessorize your Outdoor Space for Summer

Summer is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to transform your porch into the perfect outdoor getaway! Your patio should be a place to escape, an outdoor haven that gets you some sun and fresh air but also helps you relax and unwind. You can create the perfect backyard retreat for you and your guests using just a few simple methods to update your patio decor. Here are our 5 favourite ways to accessorize your porch for summer living:

Use an outdoor rug to give your space a cozy feel

Outdoor rugs add a different texture to your patio and can provide a pop of color perfect for your summer look. Adding a rug to your deck is a great way to update the look of your décor without taking up extra space. It can also help define the seating area and set it apart from the rest of your outdoor space.

Add umbrellas to provide style and shade

Summer heat will soon be in full swing and adding outdoor umbrellas to your patio is the best way to provide a shady spot for you and your guests to relax in the fresh air. Umbrellas are a great way to accessorize your patio and come in several patterns and colours that will take your décor in so many different directions. Choose a simple pattern in a classic colour for a look that will complement any design scheme or go bold with a statement colour to add a pop to your summer look. If you want help finding the perfect umbrella for you, check out this outdoor umbrella buyer’s guide!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Painting brick is a simple way to add a modern feel to your outdoor space

Painting dated brick is a quick and affordable way to update your deck for summer. Choose a classic shade such as white or gray for a timeless look that will match any décor and evolve over the years no matter how you choose to decorate your porch. Or you can go bold and give your porch a fresh pop of colour to add a statement to your outdoor space.

Accessorize your porch with plants

Flowers and greenery are the perfect accessories for your outdoor summer oasis. Using plants to decorate your patio creates a beautiful look without making your space seem too crowded. Let the flora speak for itself and keep it simple with small pots of fragrant flowers or potted herbs to add a lovely natural aroma to your patio.

Set the mood with simple outdoor lighting

Adding a little light to your outdoor space can brighten up any summer gathering once the sun goes down, so you can keep the party going well into the wee hours! Choose a string of soft white lights to create an intimate feeling that imitates being right under the stars – or at a super trendy brewery or outdoor show area. Use Edison bulbs to add a modern element that blends well with any decorating scheme. Add solar powered lights to mark the path from your patio to your home to create a beautiful look without having to worry about electrical cords.

Have Fun and Keep Cool.



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