If you have been lucky enough to of been proposed to this year and are at a loss on where to start with your wedding plans?... why not try looking at pictures in magazines!...it's a good place to start!...filling your head with ideas is a brilliant way of getting your creative juices flowing.

Your first port of call, is to book your venue, whether it be a church or a castle, these places can get booked up quite quickly, especially around the summer months...it has been known for popular places to be booked up a few years in advance...so you must decide on a venue as soon as you can and get it booked!

The next thing is to get your invitations designed and printed...When i watch ‘Don’t tell the Bride’ [I know I know...it’s getting silly lately!] I shout at the screen as if they can hear me! Lol! SEND OUT YOUR INVITES!!!! Yes this is what you should be doing as soon as you have the venue booked! This gives people time to plan and get your invite on their calendar...weddings are expensive these days not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests.   The average wedding guest expense these days is £266 once you factor in the outfit, present, travel expenses and in some cases hotel fee’s, so it’s only right that you sort this!

If you are a creative type you might want to design and print them out yourself! but honestly! do you really have time for that! what with everything else to do...Time management is key to wedding plans and if you want a stress free countdown to your wedding it is a good idea to delegate certain jobs...

...That is where Basic Invite comes into fruition, this company is second to none when designing any stationery project! You pick a template design, add the text, change the colours...have a play with different styles and when you are done, rather than you print it out yourself...They do all that for you and send them to your address complete with envelopes to match! Oh and don't panic about getting anything wrong, as you can order a sample invite to be sent to you...infact you can order a few...just to be sure you have chosen the right invitation to match your theme!

Their many, many templates will help you to design an invite that your guests will envy...they don't just do Wedding stationery either...there is a whole host of other catergories to choose from with so many modern and traditional designs, you'll be spoilt for choice... They have a sale on right now too, so click on the link below for your discount...

Use code: 15FF51

Congratulations my Lovelies and Happy Wedding Designing... Love Happy x

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