Cleaning Out A Storage Cupboard

So we all can admit that there’s a cupboard in our house that we throw everything in when we don’t know where to put anything else. Yet, that means we can lose track of some pretty valuable stuff. So it’s time to fight through the possible dust layers and cluttered floors to find things again. Here’s a few tips on what to do to sort out a store cupboard, which can be so much denser than anywhere else in your home.

If you’re trying to clean the house from top to bottom, and don’t know where to start, your storage areas are a good bet. Sometimes all it takes to feel healthier and happier in a day is to clean out some back cupboards or sweep up some dust that’s collected on a shelf. It can make us feel more hygienic in ourselves and our surroundings. So if you’re looking for something to do, try this.

Mount Sweepers On The Door

It saves a lot of space and searching time when you can easily find brooms and sweeping tools on the back of a door. Hammer in some nails and get some hooks installed onto the wood. It’s cheap and can be done in a span of about five minutes. When you’re already stressed after a drink spill, or if you’re preparing for a party, then you can just open the cupboard and grab the utensil you need.

Buy Some Proper Storage Units

If you have space under the stairs, and it’s where you’ve been keeping all your clutter and miscellaneous items, try and arrange them neatly so they can be found again.

Instead of resting things on top of your kitchen cabinets or throwing them in a spare draw, buy some storage that keeps everything in order and is specifically reserved for the nick nacks. If you need some sortable storage space, then you can buy some VonHaus metal shelving to keep everything neat and tidy, and most importantly, easy to find again! If you’d prefer, you can install your own wood shelves by grabbing some planks and nailing them into the back of the cupboard, which both looks nice and is incredibly neat!

Pushing these units against the back wall of a cupboard means there’s plenty of floor space for things like vacuums and ironing boards to go. That saves some corners in the rest of the house.

Remember That You Can Always Throw Something Out

If you don’t need it anymore, and you don’t see yourself needing it, then throw it away. It’s as simple as that when it comes down to it. Grab a garbage sack and be cutthroat in your sorting ways.

Whatever you have in the back of a storage cupboard can be sold on as well if you really wanted. Or donated to a charity shop. If it’s in good condition, or just needs a quick wipe down, think about giving it those less in need or anyone who would want it.

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