Bathroom Revamp: From Dreary to Divine


Is it time your bathroom had a make-over? If don’t enjoy spending much time in your bathroom, something has to change. It’s easy to overlook the bathroom because other rooms in the home are often given higher priority. But, your bathroom should be somewhere that helps you to relax after the stresses of the day. If you don’t feel like it’s your haven, perhaps it’s time to make some tweaks. Here’s how to convert your boring bathroom into a luxury, modern sanctuary.

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Black Marble

Marble has always and will always be a fantastic material for any bathroom. It’s luxurious, elegant and easy to clean. It’s also highly durable, so you won’t be replacing it anytime soon. If you want something really special for your bathroom, go for black marble tiles across the walls. You can brighten the room up by adding spotlights throughout the ceiling.

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Heated Floors

Imagine coming in from the cold and wet weather and walking into your bathroom, bare-footed, to feel the heat warming up your toes. Having aheated floor in your bathroomcan make you feel good at the worst of times. It’s an extra touch of luxury that tricks you into thinking you’ve stepped into a spa. The cost will depend on the size of your bathroom, but you may be pleasantly surprised. And, once it’s been installed, you’ll never have to pay the same cost again.

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Wall Hung Toilets

Are you tired of looking at (and cleaning) the monstrosity that is your loo? Most older homes come with toilets that are big and bulky, but no more efficient that the wall hung toilets on offer in modern bathroom design. Your choice of wall hung toilets today is endless, and it can be a huge space saver. No matter what room you’re thinking of designing, modern interior design is all about minimalism, and these types of toilets fit the bill.

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Although marble is a classic material for any bathroom, it doesn’t mean you have to stop there. In fact, the more materials you can harmonize together, the better. For example, why not go formetal fixtures, like chrome, copper, silver or even gold plated. You can also add in glass and crystal with mirrors, chandeliers and vases. Use your creativity to mix and match so you have the opportunity of showing your personality in your bathroom.

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Velvet Upholstery

Furniture doesn’t just belong in the living room. A comfortable chaise longue looks right at home in a bathroom and provides a practicality in addition to looking fabulous. You could also have a velvet upholstered stool chair to sit on at a vanity cabinet or just use a chair for decoration. Whichever you prefer, they all help to compliment the design of a modern bathroom. Throw in a few small cushions or throws and you have yourself a delightful haven.

Creating the perfect bathroom can be a lot of fun, and when you get it right, you may just spend more time in that room than any other in the house.

Happy’s Conclusion…

Now there’s a load of ideas to get you in the mood for a revamp of your bathroom…

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