It’s Time to Reclaim Your Junk Room

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home where you have more bedrooms than you need for your family to live comfortably, the last thing you should be doing is using that extra space as a place to store your collective junk! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what so many of us do, and it means we are missing out on more living space, and in many places, actually paying over the odds for a storage space. What a waste.

This has to stop! It’s time to get your minimalist on, reclaim your junk room and start using it as a guest room, office, relaxation space or even a craft room. Wouldn’t that be nice? If you think so, here are some tips to help you reclaim your junk room once and for all:

Envision Your New Space

To help keep you motivated to ditch the junk, take some time to think about what you want the room to be and how you want it to look. Keep that vision in your mind throughout the process, so that you don’t give up before you’ve so much as decluttered one closet.

Don’t Reorganize, Declutter

If you truly want to transform your junk room, you need to get rid of that clutter; you don’t want to simply reorganize it because that way relapse lies. Start by going through your clutter one item at a time, determining whether you really want/need a particular object, or whether it is simply taking up space. Then, sell or donate anything that isn’t truly useful or which doesn’t make you truly happy.

If you’re having a really tough time getting rid of your junk, even if deep down you know that you don’t need it, take a look at Storage Units Near Me and consider sending your stuff to storage instead of getting rid of it more permanently. After a while of not seeing or using any of that stuff, you’ll probably find that it’s a lot easier to get rid of it after all.

Give Yourself a Time Limit

When working to reclaim your junk room, it’s always useful to set yourself a time limit. For example, you could give yourself ten minutes to sort through one box, working out what to save and what to sell. Because you’ll have to work quickly, you’ll spend a lot less time agonizing over every little decision, and you’ll instinctively make the right choice, most of the time, anyway.

Clean Up

With all that junk having been in there for so long, it’s likely that your junk room, now cleared, could do with a good clean up too. You could get a Professional Cleaner to do this for you.If not, vacuum and polish the floors, air the closets and give the walls a new lick of paint to give your room the fresh start it needs.

Start Making Changes

Once you’ve decluttered and cleaned the room, it’s time to take a good look around you to see the true potential of the room without the junk. Take notes on how many power outlets there are, and where they’re located, measure the windows and floors and access your closet space. Then, you can start doing the fun stuff, like planning the design of your new room and buying new furniture.

Reclaiming your junk room will be hard work, but the space you gain will make it more than worth your while!

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