5 Tips to Help with the Moving Out Process

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5 Tips to Help with Moving Out Process

It’s time to move out but you just don’t know where to start! This is a common dilemma of people who are moving out of for the first time. Sometimes even those with experiences in moving still feel overwhelmed with all the tasks involved in it. Those who would like some help with the process may want to put these tips into use.

1. Plan Your Move. One of the reasons why people get overwhelmed with the moving process is lack of organization. Things can happen simultaneously and you may get torn between packing your stuff, fixing-up the new apartment, cleaning to get your bond back, and saying goodbye to friends. The trick is to take a moment and organize your tasks. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done and set a schedule for it. Breaking down tasks into doable bits makes them easier to tackle. A planned schedule also ensures that you finish the tasks within the time frame of your move.

2. Send Notices and Settle Bills. Don’t lose important mail or packages by not updating your address with couriers and everyone who sends you correspondences through mail.  Notify all parties that may be affected by your move to give them enough time to settle any unfinished transactions with you. Your priority here is to give proper notice to your landlord to avoid end of lease disputes. You’ll also need to settle any unpaid bills to make sure that it doesn’t affect your bond refund.

3. Pack Your Things Early.Some people put off their packing up to the last minute but this can have some disadvantages too. Last minute packing is usually done haphazardly that things can get mixed up, broken, or lost. On the other hand, people who pack early are able to organize their things properly to ensure that they are delivered safely to their new destination. It is also easier to give instructions to the movers if your boxes are well organized and labelled properly.  Alternatively, pay to have the removal men pack your stuff for you, this is what we done when I moved my Mum nearer to me, it’s a bit dearer but so worth it.

4. Get Down and Dirty. Moving out also means doing the end of lease cleaning. Be a good tenant and give your old apartment a good scrub. It is common practice for tenants to restore the apartment to its “moving in” condition before the keys are turned over to the landlord. If you don’t have time nor skills for this then you can just hire professional end of lease cleaning services.

5. Close Old Deals for a Fresh Start. The last step in the moving out process is the final inspection and bond refund. Instead of just turning in the keys, make an appointment with your landlord for the final inspection. Resolving possible issues on the condition report is faster and easier when both tenant and landlord are present during final inspection. Don’t forget to close any other unfinished transactions with neighbours or service providers in the area. At the very least, leave a forwarding address for any unfulfilled obligation that you may have.

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