Max’s Bad Hair Day

This little cutie was overdue a haircut!

He he he! Bless him!

But usually I cut his hair, as he hates anyone else doing it! Especially Fred! my hubby!

Then one morning we all woke up to Maxy looking like this!!!

OMG!! I can hear your cry!

 Somebody! had got to him before me and it wasn’t Rosie!
Just look how my Hubby has hacked away at poor little Max! ahh Bless!

Never again! Freddy! Grrrr!

Luckily…that was a good few weeks ago now and in that time Max’s hair has grown a little longer! Phew thank goodness for that eh!

…and this is him this afternoon!…sorry but I just had to show you this piccy…he is just soooo cute, he really believes that he is a human baby and not a little doggy at all!
 Rosie and I are keeping all sharp instruments out of hubbies reach in future! LOL!
Speak soon gals and guys,

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