Happy Christmas from Happy

A Few of my Favourite Things

Here I have taken pictures of some of my favourite things around my home...
One of them is my cute Airedale Terrier wooden door stop...isn't he just soooo cute!
 My Antique bowls and my colourful collection of modern cookware...it is always a pleasure to rustle something up in the Happy Kitchen!
My 1960's musical manicure set...
everyone is on strict instructions to replace all the items if they are to use them ;)

  My New red microwave...a bargain at only £49.00!...
well it was until the 'blooming' handle fell off lol
...and my red spotty plates...I have had these for years, but have only just found them again in the garage...perfect for Festive Dinners ;)
and even though I love our Green caravan, I also love this one too... I will definitely be decorating her in the spring...she needs a little care and attention and I am itching to get her painted :)

What are your favourite things in your home at the moment?


Happy Christmas

I hope you are all enjoying the very quick lead up to Christmas...Honestly! I really do not know where the time is going...

I thought I was organised and I am really with all the food buying! well that is if my son stops gormanising everything in sight!...

Phew! its hard work and very expensive keeping a wannabe professional body builder! he has about 8 slices of toast in one sitting!

But as to the present wrapping...well I keep putting that off...I was going to do it yesterday...but I haven't! Whoops!...

I have wrapped all my Mum's presents a couple of weeks ago, so it feels like I have already done my own...but alas its a job that still needs doing! tut tut!...I'll probably end up wrapping them all Christmas Eve lol!

We are spending Christmas Day at Home and then on Boxing Day we are going over to my Mum's for Lunch and then over to my Mother in Laws for our evening tea...so that will be nice....

Speak soon my lovelies


The Power of Love at Christmas

 I have been listening to Magic Radio and they have been having a top 50 countdown to Chrimbo 'Best  songs' number 26 is The Power of Love...and as soon as I heard it...well it makes me go completely cold..I loved this group 'FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD' back in the 1980's and I particularly love this song, as when my Mum and Dad visited Paris for their 25th Wedding Anniversary...that's 25 years ago now, my Dad recognised Frankie and the Band whilst out walking by the Eiffel Tower and introduced themselves and told them what a brilliant band they were...my Dad was 60 years young at the time...he was a Legend and still is in my heart...Frankie was so warm and welcoming and they all had a photo (ill have to dig that out one day)!

 Anyway because of the link and the fact that the words mean so much and also that this video is actually about Christ being born...this is indeed my own No1 Christmas record...because after all...it is CHRIST MASS and I think these days a lot of peeps forget that, in all the Christmas present shenanigans...lol!
Anyway I just thought I would put it here for you to feel the spirit of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and also a little history behind what this song means to me ;)


More Christmas Inspiration

Tunnocks Teacakes
I thought I would add some more pictures of my Christmas decor past and present.

My Little Twig Tree

I thought I would show you my little twig tree that I bought the other week, isn't it pretty!...its 4ft tall and is covered in a sprinkling of snow...it looks good on its own or decorated.
 For a while I had nothing on it at all! but now I have decorated it a little! with cheap 99p shop candy canes and habitat snowflakes.
 It is balanced on a blue metal pot stand that I bought in France, with a pretty little vintage cloth dolly that I bought recently in town.
 ...I have also bought and wrapped some presents, that I have placed here on the rack...Phew! I have never been so organised!
How are your Christmas preparations coming along?
Are you all sorted?



My Latest Blog Designs

I thought you might be interested in my latest blog designs..
Just click on each picture and it will take you to that blog...

The First one is Sharon from The Old Blue Shed.

This one is for Jen from Martini Down Under.
...and my most recent was for Tonya from The Little House on Big Horse Creek!
They all chose an OOAK (One Of A Kind) design from this page HERE

 So if you are looking to have a new design blog for the New year...get one of my OOAK designs at a bargain price before they all go! (they are all in the Sale!)

Or why not have a design made to your own specifications...whatever you decide, there will be plenty more choice in the New Year :)


The White Christmas Tree Unveiled!

Well here she is my lovelies...I have put her up and she does look soooo pretty!, I have tried so hard with my new SAMSUNG camera to capture her well, but still the pictures do not do her justice!
I have stood her on our little blue coffee table, but forgot that Freddy likes to create his collages on it...so the other day he had to go into the caravan to create his wonderful art...but even with the heater on full pelt! he still frosted over! and had to come in after only about half an hour for a cup of Option's (40 calories a cup) white chocolate Cocoa!!!that i bought for MYSELF!! and now there is hardly any left! Grrr!
Anyway at least it warmed him up enough for him to return to create some more ;)

I still have some more decorating to do!...as I am not sure that I like the twig tree and the white Christmas tree next to each other...!...Freddy suggested that the twig tree would look good in our dining room on the table in front of the mirror...to reflect the light! and I kind of agree...so again i might change it all around again! lol! 
I thought i would show you my progress so far anyway!...I also have found it difficult to hang the baubles off of this tree, as you have to find space for them to hang down...where as decorating my Upside down Christmas Tree, is much easier, because they hang down away from the tree,,,this is something that I have been used to for a few years now!...still watch this space...my contrary head, might even tell me to put that one up as well! lol!
 You just can't beat Vintage Christmas Baubles though, can you! the bright colours are amazing and really make this artificial tree look stunning.

Bye for now my lovelies xx


Vintage Christmas Decorations

I have done this year, something which I vowed never to do!

 ...and that is, to sell some of my vintage Christmas decorations!
 Some of which I have photographed here...
 Go and check them out OVER HERE...
 Even if its just to have a nose!
 Items on my website are disappearing fast...
 So if you have had your eyes on something! go and get it to avoid disappointment!