New Blogs on the Block

I have created some new OOAK Blog designs over these last few weeks.

 ...and I have just added them to my if you fancy a change of design...or you fancy starting a blog this spring/summer...

You had better get in quick, as they are creating a lot of interest :)

I hope you like them :)


Light Nights - I love 'em

 Oh I just love the light evenings...we are now watching 'Dancing on Ice' and it is still light!...I feel so much more energetic!
 The cherry blossom will soon be in full bloom...
 ...and this lovely pink flower has already started to bud and bloom...I always forget what it is called (someone please remind me!)
 Isn't nature wonderful!...Easter is on the way, and its time to get in the garden and clear away all the old and start planting some new.
 Its also time to get those old garden shoes out and put the wellies away...oh its all so exciting for me as I love this time of year...we also have a new caravan to do up as well..I have been saving this especially for the Spring...its gonna be my BIG spring project.
 And all the lovely dafodils and tulips here and there...Oh bring it on!
Do you love Spring and what have you been up to this weekend?


Tuneful Tuesday - Daft Punk & Adele Mashup

My Son Daz introduced me to this beautiful tune yesterday and I have been playing it ever since...I just can't stop humming it!

So I thought I would share it with you too!
I have added a pretty picture at the top to show you some Happy House collectables too! lol!

I will be showing you more parts of our home in the coming weeks, as I am always changing it around as I find more and more pieces to display...

Speak soon my lovelies and enjoy the delightful mix of Adele and Daft Punk! Love it!


Happy Mothers Day

 Hello gals... I am sure you have all been preparing for Mother's Day this week...I popped out today and it was heaving with people buying gifts and cards...
 However! if you haven't found anything just right yet...or you are a Mum that has been treated...why don't you come on over to Happy's Shop to take a peek at all the lovely goodness that we have to offer.
 Handmade items and plenty of chic vintage goodies are waiting for you.
 Just click on any picture to view that item or click on the links at the top of my page or HERE.
 And as a Special Mother's Day treat from me to you...
anything that you buy will receive a 10% discount...but please do remember...that if you are buying more than one item, you can have a combined postage discount if you email me first with your order details...I can give you a discount code for your shipping as well!

 Ahhh! Aren't I nice to you girlies :)
 The discount code is MOTHERSrGR8 simply add it to the discount voucher box, when you purchase something, click recalculate and voila your items will be discounted!

So on behalf of all of us at The Happy House, we would like to Wish you all a Very Happy Mothers Day...even to the lovely Mothers all around the World that might not be celebrating their Mothers Day yet! you are all very welcome to purchase and use this discount too :)



Yarn Bombing - Knit the City - Love it!

 I was watching TV this evening and on popped an article about Yarn Bombing (I think it was on 'The One Show' but don't quote me!)...I had heard of it before, but hadn't really paid that much attention to it!...Well I happened to say I liked this on Facebook and so many people replied, so I thought I would bring this FANTABULOUS idea to your attention (thats if you havn't heard of it before of course!)!
It's kind of friendly graffitti but applied with quirky knitting of all shapes and know the kind of stuff that, if you saw it, it would make you Happy! Just looking at these pictures shows you a little insight into it!...It so makes me want to get out the 'Ole' Knitting needles again...and brighten up my Towns lamp posts and pavements etc!
    Anyway to have a preview and a butchers into a bit more detail have a look HERE

 You will be so glad that you did...and I hope it will put a BIG smile on your face just like it did us, at The Happy House ;)
Have you ever participated in an event like this? and if so what have you knitted and where have you placed it?...Are you planning on Yarn Bombing in the near future...if so please tell us more...As I am sooooo interested in this! Thanks my luvelies xx


Free Pretty Teacosy Pattern for Spring

I have been searching through my vintage patterns and found this!...I know a lot of you love to I thought this would be a lovely gift from me to you...

It would look lovely on your kitchen table...and just in time for spring!

(just copy and paste the info to word, they are big enough to read) or just 'save image as' probably easier and then you can print it out ;)

Oh and please please please...if you knit one...can you show me it finished! as I would never be able to knit something as lovely as this!

PS If you need any knitting supplies Have a look HERE


New Doll Additions

 I have found a couple of new dolls...what do you think of them...?

Sorry about the picture quality...coupled with my camera getting worse and the light in my doesn't bode very well for brilliant pictures...but hopefully you can see how divine they are!

I won the black one and the one just above on Ebay...I can never seem to get a bargain on there these days....but with these I did!

Blondie's head was falling off a bit...and not being very 'up there' with doll restoration, I stuck her head back on with E6000 glue...gosh that stuff is good!...she needs a little wash, especially her feet and hair...but its her eyes that bowled me over! Isn't she just sooo pretty and cute!
The black one is so sweet too, I love that kind, especially without their hair, it has probably fallen off over time...but I love 'em like that...and to actually own a black one is brilliant...she is sooo pretty.

The red one I have had for a while now...I can't remember where I bought her...but I bet it was from a Bootsale or some Flea Market somewhere...I always think..I wonder what the owners are thinking, when I buy some of their unwanted goods! Because I am in my own little world, when I am out and about! Often talking to myself and chuckling away at the (what I think is cute and pretty) and sometimes I hear them saying! lol! OMG I never thought I would sell that!...hehehe! 

What have you bought lately that you love and other peeps have rolled their eyes at?

I'd love to know that I am not the only one like this! ;)


Barometers, Handbags and Dolls


Happy Day's Sale

 I am having a little sale to make room for new items that will be added next week...
 Please please please (do I sound desperate! lol) some items from me, as I really do need the space.
 My Craft Room/Dining Room (which I might add is in the center of the house!) looks like a bomb site...well anyone who crafts will realise the kind of mess that I am talking about!
 ...And I need more cupboard space to house all my new stock and makes ;)
So come on girlies...come and have a butchers! :)
 ...lots of pretty things on sale here...

Speak soon my lovelies...
...And please CLICK HERE to view my SALE
...Lots of aprons reduced....great for Spring Cleaning! :)