Happy Day's Sale

 I am having a little sale to make room for new items that will be added next week...
 Please please please (do I sound desperate! lol)...buy some items from me, as I really do need the space.
 My Craft Room/Dining Room (which I might add is in the center of the house!) looks like a bomb site...well anyone who crafts will realise the kind of mess that I am talking about!
 ...And I need more cupboard space to house all my new stock and makes ;)
So come on girlies...come and have a butchers! :)
 ...lots of pretty things on sale here...

Speak soon my lovelies...
...And please CLICK HERE to view my SALE
...Lots of aprons reduced....great for Spring Cleaning! :)



  1. Oh my, I must pop on over to your shop right away! Love the pictures!

  2. I happened to stumble on your blog and just wanted to say thank you for a delightful time!

  3. Hi again Happy! I love every beautiful photo, especially the one of your gorgeous Rosie!! What a wonderful sell you are having! I hope you are doing well! xo~ Paula


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