Tuneful Tuesday - Daft Punk & Adele Mashup

My Son Daz introduced me to this beautiful tune yesterday and I have been playing it ever since...I just can't stop humming it!

So I thought I would share it with you too!
I have added a pretty picture at the top to show you some Happy House collectables too! lol!

I will be showing you more parts of our home in the coming weeks, as I am always changing it around as I find more and more pieces to display...

Speak soon my lovelies and enjoy the delightful mix of Adele and Daft Punk! Love it!



  1. Happy, I just found your blog today and was so impressed, not just with this post but with all your past posts (well, I didn’t look at all of them, but the ones I did look at) great job. You totally rock and that's coming from and old gal that was around when rock was born. I'm looking forward to having more time to come back and really dig into your archives. Oh, and I truly enjoyed reading your profile, on how the name of your blog came about. Must be destiny. Thanks for sharing. Your newest fan and follower, Connie . . . . . I know you're a busy gal and you have so many other followers, but how about (when you have the time) come pay me a visit. My welcome mat is always out, and who knows you just might decide to follow.

    1. You are fab hun...I have replied on your blog and I have also started following you :) xx thanks for this lovely comment xx

  2. Adele is so talented!

    Lovely picture too!x

    1. Thanks Mel, How are you sweetie, happy Dayzzzz xxx

  3. I'd not heard this song before either, I like, in fact I like it a lot :) x x x

  4. Hi sweet Happy! Your vignette is so gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful home! Thank you for sharing the song. I look forward to listening to it. Adele is so talented! Love, Paula xo

  5. Thanks for the remix. If you haven't heard the original of this Adele song then I urge you to give it a listen.

    lexie x

  6. LOVE this - I used to listen to Daft Punk loads years ago (courtesy of my then DJ boyfriend / now staid husband!)and loved their vibe. I now listen to Adele, so a hybrid of the two is perfect! Thank you for the intro - and LOVE your blog - HAPPY couldn't be a more apt description for how you make your readers feel!

  7. we love your stylee! Its so creative!


  8. I've made my own mashup that is different from the famous Carlos Serrano version with the 2 same songs!
    - The arrangement is not the same
    - There's NO Daft Punk vocals
    - JUST Adele's FULL singing of the original song, chorus breakdown included and more...
    I hope you'll enjoy it a lot ! :)

    You can listen to it here:


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