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Happy House Mojo

 Hello gals...well I hope you all had a good weekend and that it is sunshining wherever you are.  At the moment the Happy House is in a bit of a turmoil!...Yep it has finally happened...I have my mojo back!
A few months ago I blogged HERE that I wanted to do something about my ugly 1970's cupboard...which is good for storage, but not very nice looking...alot of you told me to paint it or to bring in another dresser that I had in storage...and for a few months I have really not been bothered to do anything about it!

But the other day I was interviewed by a magazine and all the questions the lovely lady asked me...I thought 'hell yeah' I did do that and I can do that...if you get my drift...anyway it has made me more determined to get sorted and start throwing out my chintz so to speak ;)! the Happy House is all sorted and clean for Chrimbo!
 Back in the you remember, we decorated in a very 'Kitsch' way adding colours like orange into our colour scheme....Well lately as I look around, I do yearn for our Happy Shabby look again...we have lived with this look for years and years and somehow I have had this urge to get 'rid' of this kitschy colour and revert back to our old the other day I expressed my feelings to Freddy and to my surprise he agreed.
 'You can have free range', he said...Ahh Brilliant I here you all! But if only I had of ignored that little 'free range' quote and stopped right there and then! for now I have wrecked every room by starting all at the same time...we are having a major SPRUCE UP...I just had to do it! I have been living with the colours that I would tell everyone else NO! dont you dare buy that! for a few months now...and although it is in fashion...its just not me! I have never been a fashionable bird anyway...
 I have just sat down here for a few minutes with a cup of Cinamon spiced Chai favourite drink at the moment...and thought I had better fill you in ;) ...I'll keep you updated as I re-arrange, paint and tidy each room!  I think the dining room might have to be finished I have everything stock pilled in there that I no longer want!

Have you been inspired lately to have a big change around in your house and if so what has spurred you on...

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Bruno Mars on X Factor UK

He was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! on the Results show this evening.
He reminds me of a young James Brown...I Loved the show tonight...although not that Happy about Sammi going :(


Inspirational Pictures

Its Saturday! Yay!...we have already been to the doctors for our yearly flu jabs and are back home...its a lovely day today, the sun is shining...

with an Autumn nip in the air...sunglasses and scarf weather!

Freddy is creating in the Holivan and Daz has gone to Thorpe Park, with a bunch of mates from work...they have plenty of frightening rides there apparently for Halloween...and this evening it is going to get 'Freaky Frightening' ...'FRIGHT NIGHT' I think it is called...rather him than me! lol!...Have fun though Daz :)
Rosie and I, are thinking of going to see Paranormal Activity in a minute! not sure why I would actually want to put myself through an experience like this, let alone pay for the horror  pleasure! Daz told us that it isn't that scary! so we might just give it a go! ;)
I have chosen these pictures, because I have been looking through my many many different memory sticks, trying to get my cyber album all sorted out...even though it will probably be a never ending job lol!

  I just love these I thought I would add them here today, on this very saturday, so while I am chatting away to you, hopefully I can inspire you too!...You might remember them from previous posts...but they are 10 of my favourites, from this weeks filing and I thought it would be nice to share.

We all hope you are all having a lovely weekend...wherever you are ;)

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My Secret Obsession... Ralph Fiennes

Source: None via Happy on Pinterest

My secret Obsession is Ralph Fiennes....
OooOh I think he is Goooorgeous! such lovely eyes and a sweet kind face! Also he is a brilliant Actor...I stayed behind in the cinema at the end of 'The Duchess' really feeling sorry (and sobbing) for the Duchess (Kiera Knightly) being betrayed by him with other women and in her own house! Grrr!

Even though he did look a bit SCARY as Voldemort in Harry Potter...I still love him to bits ;)

Who or what is your secret obession?
I'd love to know!


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Rosie's Trauma

Well gals I have finally managed to put pen to paper...I have been putting off this post, as I have not wanted to live through all the pain and hurt that we have been through over the last couple of weeks, but I feel that I owe it to you lovely ladies and besides I need a good ole natter ;)