My Secret Obsession... Ralph Fiennes

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My secret Obsession is Ralph Fiennes....
OooOh I think he is Goooorgeous! such lovely eyes and a sweet kind face! Also he is a brilliant Actor...I stayed behind in the cinema at the end of 'The Duchess' really feeling sorry (and sobbing) for the Duchess (Kiera Knightly) being betrayed by him with other women and in her own house! Grrr!

Even though he did look a bit SCARY as Voldemort in Harry Potter...I still love him to bits ;)

Who or what is your secret obession?
I'd love to know!



  1. Wait for it....Colin "Mr. Darcy" Firth. Always. Quintessential Englishman....

  2. Richard Archer from Hard-Fi. Sigh.....

  3. That gorgeous man was Voldermort???!!! Oh My!

    I suddenly like "he who must not be mentioned" a lot more!



  4. Hugh Jackman!!! Oh I love that guy!
    And Gerard Butler, he´s sooooo so sexy! ;O)

  5. I just loved Don Johnson from Miami Vice...oooh don't ya just miss the 1980's! :o)

  6. This is a great picture of Ralph, but I have to say I actually prefer his brother Joseph. He's got a bit of a mean and moody look about him, that makes me go a bit girlie..... perhaps I need to get out more - lol.

    Jumbleberries xx

  7. I like his brother Joseph too......there's something moody and brooding about him......if not then Ryan Gosling ( the notebook)...ahhhh a bit of romance!
    Nattie x

  8. He is rather delicious isn't he - I loved him in The English Patient - such a sad film though.
    I get the hots for Colin Firth and I used to think Sean Bean was yummy too!

  9. You are so right,
    He's a real tasty geezer ;-)

    Huggs, Veronique


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