Vintage Tattoo Done!

 I decided to walk the walk! So yesterday!…we popped into a tattoo shop in Chatham/Rochester High Street…I picked the tattoo I wanted and yep it was out of a book! something I said I was never going to do! lol!….then suddenly PANIC! they only had a couple of hours in the afternoon where they could fit me in!!!!

So as it was our 25th Anniversary of when we first met.
(Freddie and I met on Valentines Day in 1986…..ah bless! :D)

Freddie paid them a deposit and I was all set for 3.15! YiKeS!

As we left the Tattoo Parlour (Parlour! I love that word!) I started to get pretty nervous and nearly started to chicken out!…but Fred kept me on my feet and explained that it was the most perfect day to go through with it and how it was a present from him so I couldn’t back out now!

So I did go through with it…..(even though my knees were knocking together from beginning to end! lol!…..And here it is in full wonderful colour…

My wonderful Happy Loves Rosie tattoo, on the top of my left arm! of course I had to have it a little different from the transfer picture…just a tweak here and there!

It is very sore at the moment, not to mention when the lovely Martin from Medway Tattoo was creating it…Phew! don’t it sting!…

Anyway I still want more! as it wasn’t a pain that I wouldn’t be able to put up with again….Yes gals and guys! More 1950’s style Rockabilly tattoos for me :D….we’ll why not!

What do you think my lovely bloggers?

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