The Royal Wedding

 Don't get me wrong peeps! I love our Royal family through and through!....

Happy's crafting cupboard

Heres a little sneaky peak of my new cupboard....I finally have made some time, for tomorrow, to start moving things into it! Freddy has told me he wants the top shelf and now he is saying he also wants the next shelf down too!......

Fancy a New blog?

I have just added a couple of new blog designs to my 'One of a Kind' section.....this is a cheaper alternative to my bespoke blog design service.
This layout below is called 'Paper flowers'...and features four labels of your choice!...and a lovely paper spot background...its is sooo pretty don't you think?

 This one below....I have just finished and it is just soooo cute with those pretty little chicks :) This template is called 'Scrapbook Birdies'.
..and this is the layout of it above....just a little different don't you think? with two columns to the side...Whoo Hoo won't you be Different! :)

What a wonderful start to your blog for 2011 eh!

CLICK HERE to have a butchers at all of the designs!

Thanks gals.....taraa for now :)


New Arrival

Yes gals we are expecting a new arrival tomorrow....

You see before Christmas we went to The Old Rectory Sale and bought ourselves a rather lovely cupboard, as I am in desperate need of storage!......

Nature ....

Isn't Nature Wonderful :)


Happy loves ...... Toast

I just sooooo lurrrrve the Toast catalogue....although these pics are from a catalogue I
received before Christmas...
They inspire me no end....

Contemporary Wedding Photographers ......

want to get all the latest news about my favourite wedding photographers 
pics 1, 2 and 3 Amy Oliver

pics 4, 5 and 6 and 7

pic 8, 9 and 10 The Schultzes

These are just a few of my favourite contemporary wedding photographers...this is definitely the way forward! fantabulous pictures and more in keeping with what you would want to display in your home.....especially check out The Schultzes and their photobooth for all your visitors! FANTABULOUS indeedy!


A few of my favourite things this month .....


how to get rid of cellulite .....

What a pretty way to hide cellulite!...
Whether it be decorated stockings or a lovely tattoo by a truly wonderful artist....I need this! Now!


beautiful tattoo

Ok a time for this a change too far?
but I love it sooo!

You know! I just might! lol!


Your love is Black....

I have been looking back over the last couple of weeks whilst listening to some beautiful music its not often that I do something spur of the moment...but Christmas Eve, I actually made it to Midnight Mass....It was beautiful...and I cried....I think it, is what has been missing from my life for years...I feel stronger and at peace......time to move new people and visit new places....Please click on the link and listen to the beautiful Kaskade....Your love is Black.....Divine!

I am already starting....changing blog is one! scuse the mess, whilst I play!

Speak soon my luverlies xxx