Introducing....The Innkeeper's Wife

This is my latest blog Design...

Welcome Sarah - The Inkeepers Wife

Now! She is one talented lady...An Artist by Trade, but also runs a divine farmhouse hotel with her lovely Hubby and sweet little daughter...Please go and say Hello :)

and tell her Happy sent cha!

After Garden Makeover...I now have 15 knat bites all down my right leg! LOL! That'll teach me to wear shorts!
I'll show you the results soon, my luverley gals and guys!
(LOL! of the Makeover!!!!! Not my scabby leg! :))))))

Love Happy x

Do you like my new Cath Kidston Shoes ?

How pretty the garden looks at this time of year! has been a long time coming...but finally little roots and shoots are springing up!....Wednesday is a BIG day for us! we are having a garden make-over!...not of the Charlie Dimmock kind LOL! but our very own Harris family make-over day!
The grass is this (above) long! Gee! I hear you gasp! but it is due to the fact that at the end of last year...I decided to mow the lawn without a break (not for me - but for our poor old dear, lawnmower) that had been in our family for 10 years!...Well as you can imagine it didn't like that at all!...and therefore made a rotten groan and then died!
(It wasn't me!LOL!)
So this year, being that Spring has started rather late and the fact that all the flowers seem to be blossoming at once...we need a definite garden overhaul!..The flowers are beautiful as usual...just how I remember them last year...So my Mother and Father in-law will be coming over and we will all be in the garden - giving it a spruce up.
Apparently it is supposed to be the best day of the year weather wise, and me - not being one to sunbathe (I get a bit restless!) it will be the perfect day to get out in the 'Happy Cottage Garden'  and making it all tidy...kind of like a Spring Clean of the Garden kind.
I think I might even get a pot of paint out...A painted gate and another lovely way to brighten up your garden...and I will definitely be making some more bunting, as the old lot is rather faded and worn.
Aren't they just perfect!
We are so lucky...We have such a pretty Cottage Garden...It might not be the biggest, but it is just perfect for while away our summer days...
And as you can see (above)...I have new Garden shoes! I did want to get some more garden crocs as they are just the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn...but I felt it was time for change! (Sorry that did rather sound like a party election speech there! LOL!)
So I bagged these lovely Cath Kidston ones, the other week, when we were in Tunbridge Wells..Oh I love that place :).
So I seem to be all set!....Pots of paint, New bunting, Garden Make-Over team and new shoes! Phew! I can't wait to get started!

What have you gals been upto lately?

Love Happy x

Shangri La

 After watching 'A passionate Woman last week with Billie Piper (yes I am a fan!) and Sue Johnston (I love this woman!)...I was bowled over this evening when I found myself watching

Please watch A Passionate Woman...which bought me totally to tears! watching this also made me shed a tear or two, but in a different way, not for the fiction, but for Sues journey into finding herself....

This programme I think was shown back in February, so some of your might have already seen it...but if you haven't, please do watch it, it is such a lovely story :)

Love Happy x

Happy Loves.....New Store Arrivals!

vintage lotto set
All these wonderful items have arrived into my shop this week..everything is the kinda thing that I own or would love to have in the Happy House!
coronation jigsaw
So if you love...Bigging up Blighty!
vintage glass candlesticks
Pretty glass candlesticks...
red bus rover toy bus
London Buses!
vintage spanish doll wall hanging
Funky signorita'a....
sewing pattern holdall
Sewing Pattern Holdalls...
johnny loves rosie hair corsage
Come on over and take a peek into the NEW LOOK Happy Loves Rosie Shop!
happy loves rosie shop
You'll be glad you did :)

Love Happy x

New items arrived....

Happy Loves Rosie vintage caravan

vintage apron

vintage holivan caravan
 New items have arrived in the Happy Loves Rosie shop!
Please go and check them out HERE

Love Happy x

Get the Look!....

Do you fancy decorating your screen and making it mighty pretty!...well if you are a Firefox user, you can decorate your this one above :) Yay! Great I hear you shout!...Where do I get this 'Paint my Computer Pretty' Persona from?

Well you can get it here my just clicking on this link


....When you arrive there - just click on the button that says
and you too will have this pretty HAPPY LOVES ROSIE decorated floral design making your computer look mighty fine too!

This is my little Sunday Gift for you my lovely friends :)

Move over Nigella Lawson...I don't think soooo!

...Don't ask me why oh why I have chosen this really doesn't have anything to do with what I have just got up to! but I liked it! LOL!

I just had to sit down and tell you about my little escapade I have just gotten into! My oh My what a plonker I am!...You see I have been feeling a little on the 'ick side this week! just layzing around resting my head and sleeping here and there....this morning though I got up and felt much much better! YAY!...and sooo hungry!

Hmmm! everyone is out and I am home alone with Max (a gormless dog with no conversation!)...(always looks rather cute though!)...(oh and barks at the postman...but not at someone trying to get in to burgal us!)...(another story completely!) :)))) Get on with it Happy!!!!...I looked in the bare Mother Hubbard cupboards...I've been off food this week and everyone else has been on a diet! So you can imagine the sight, that was in front of my eyes!...Zilch tasty food!...Now I am a sweet gal! No....! not that kind of sweet....well sometimes I can be :)! but I do like my food sweet instead of savoury!!...and there was nothing I settled for a packet of noodles...the cheap University student stylie ones...YUM!...actually they ARE yUM!....but that still didn't hit the spot!

If you are standing up at this point I would advise you to sit down...I could be explaining my foopars for a while here!...

Now!....right at the very back of the cupboard and I had to squint and crouch a little, (not good for the knees!)...there was a container with some contents in it...(no, not some money saved for a rainy day! lol! if only!!!)....I then remembered, it was the 'SHAKE A PANCAKE' container that we hadn't used for Pancake Day! YAY! At last I had something sweet to eat!...I decided NOT to look on the sell by/use by date! hehehe!...You know!, just in case it was actually outta date! Eek!

I popped in some butter.....burnt the butter...added pancake mixture (after I had shook the blooming thing with the said milk, for about half an hour, even though it only said for 1 minute!)...LUMPS in the pancake in burning toooo hot butter = BURNT PANCAKE! DRAT!

Right! Lets start again! CLEAN FRYPAN...put back on hob....add butter....add more LUMPY mixture Grrrrrrr!!!!!scrape mixture off of pan ( I can't stand lumps!) Clean Frypan...put back on Hob....!

Third time lucky! turn on hob...aha!!! I know! I'll use oil! yes oil will be better....and I'll take rotten 'p'ing me off easy to use 'SHAKE A PANCAKE' mixture and whisk it in a bowl! AHA! yes hehehe! thats what I'll do!.....Fire up hob...add oil....whilst whisking pancake mix vigorously! in bowl...(by the way! I now have heaps of washing up!!! for just a few measley pancakes!)...add a small aount of pancake mixture to frypan...SMOKE!! HELP!! LOTS OF SMOKE...SMOKE DETECTOR now RINGGGGING IN MY EARS!....
QUICK open all windows in the house!

I don't think I'll give up my day job!LOL! all this cooking just sooooo NOT me!...when I finally did get around to eating something I had finally made! (oh NO I wasn't going to let the PANCAKE SHAKER beat me!...needless to say there wasnt much mixture left and the final straw was, that someone had left coffee grains in the sugar...Hence my crispie, burnt, small, pancake had a kind of a coffee granule twinge!...and now I have heartburn...and feel SICK again!

See you laterz gals...I'm going to bed for a lie down! LOL!

Introducing MAGPIE CHIC....

Hello Gals...I have just finished designing Jacqui's blog titled MAGPIE CHIC. Jacqui lives in New Zealand and is sooo talented, she loves all things pretty....faded quilts, English Tea, Cupcakes and thrifting....Please do check her out.....
She has just discovered Blogging and loves it so much, her posts are very creative and interesting....she makes you wished that she lived next door :)

She has been blogging like crazy over there, so please go and say Hi and add yourself to her will not be disappointed :) She is a very lovely lady indeed.

Have a great weekend gals....

My Bedroom Makeover

Its been a long time coming gals and I am soooo sorry for that! and I seem to be using the same 'ole excuse that I have been so so busy too! which I have, but it must be boring for you lovely lasses hearing the same old same old and I am sorry again for that too!  Our Easter was very quiet (what rotten weather eh!) son came home and the four of us all sat indoors and ate for England, but it was lovely having family time together :) Good times :)

I have now decided I NEED!!!to go on a fasting diet!...
Probably NIL BY MOUTH for about 3 years should do the trick! ;) So DIET STARTS TODAY! this morning for breakfast I decided to eat everything that I didn't want to have as a temptation in my cupboards! what a brilliant theory! I ate two toasted waffles with lashings of butter...thing is I didn't really like them!..they tasted rather like Play Doh! (not that I have ever eaten any play doh in my life before LOL!) just that it tasted like perhaps Play doh might taste! if you know what I mean!...oh and then I finished off the rest of the mini Mars's that I had hidden in the Freezer..and thought that I had best forget about them until 3 years from now!...Actually they taste better from the freezer! (note to self! chocolate tastes better frozen!) I thought I should write that down just in case I forget 3 years from now!LOL!

Its way past lunch...but I had better get on with this post....I have choccie biscuits and bratwurst sausages left so if any of you have any good recipes...I'd love to hear from you :)))
Right Bedroom makeover!

All I have done really is change the bed was over the other side...but now I have it underneath the window...I don't know how Feng Shui that is! but I am having much better sleeps like it! YAY! Apart from the fact Fred snores BAD!...but he tells me I snore BAD too! Eek! and apparently I talk a lot and laugh a lot too! DOUBLE EEK! but having said all of that it just feels better under the window :) 
I actually do not know why I am writing this post now...apart from the fact that I feel very guilty that I have been away from it a bit longer than I first thought!...but I also have a whole load of lovely things to list on my little website b4 I am featured in the July edition of BBC Homes and Antiques! Whoo Hoo! I am sooo excited...Do you remember a while back now that the wonderful Selina Lake and Debi Treloar came to the Happy House? well very good things came from it and now that colour has hit Blighty BIG TIME - It made sense that our cottage should be featured in their lovely magazine too! ;)
What a wally! I keep going off on tangents...hehehe! Right! here we have my bed moved over to the other side!...I don't think it will take another move to be quite honest!...I moved this while Fred was having a little nap downstairs and nearly bent the ends beyond repair! I didn't realise that I had a couple of boxes underneath that really should of been moved before I shunted the bed across to the other side! Whoops! Oh well! Onwards and Upwards LOL!
I still have some iconic pieces in the same places...I have actually started to use this CK know now that it has been discontinued! B4 it was just an ornament :) and also above is one of my necklaces...this one I wear all of the time...soooo colourful and fun :)
I also love all these cushions on the bed.... they all have to be laid out a certain way too...a lot of CK is featured on my bed....until I have my own line in bed ware! ;) she will have to do! LOL! her colours sooo fit in with our vibe for a bright and happy life.
This little lamp base and shade is another booty is the little spotty dolls dress.  Turquoise and red compliments each other beautifully... I love it :) and the shabby gold of the lamp base to me screams vintage.

I have been out and about this weekend, booting, as last weekend was such a washout...I love trunderling (is that a word?) around the second hand markets looking for vintage and I have managed to find some beauties...I'll show you them in the week :)

Bye for now honey's - I won't leave it as long next time :)


Sorry Gals that I haven't been around for a few days...I haven't forgot that I need to show you my bedroom make-over....but I'll be back after Easter to blog some more...

In the meantime I wish you all a lovely weekend :)