...Don't ask me why oh why I have chosen this image...it really doesn't have anything to do with what I have just got up to! but I liked it! LOL!

I just had to sit down and tell you about my little escapade I have just gotten into! My oh My what a plonker I am!...You see I have been feeling a little on the 'ick side this week! just layzing around resting my head and sleeping here and there....this morning though I got up and felt much much better! YAY!...and sooo hungry!

Hmmm! everyone is out and I am home alone with Max (a gormless dog with no conversation!)...(always looks rather cute though!)...(oh and barks at the postman...but not at someone trying to get in to burgal us!)...(another story completely!) :)))) Get on with it Happy!!!!...I looked in the bare Mother Hubbard cupboards...I've been off food this week and everyone else has been on a diet! So you can imagine the sight, that was in front of my eyes!...Zilch tasty food!...Now I am a sweet gal! No....! not that kind of sweet....well sometimes I can be :)! but I do like my food sweet instead of savoury!!...and there was nothing there...so I settled for a packet of noodles...the cheap University student stylie ones...YUM!...actually they ARE yUM!....but that still didn't hit the spot!

If you are standing up at this point I would advise you to sit down...I could be explaining my foopars for a while here!...

Now!....right at the very back of the cupboard and I had to squint and crouch a little, (not good for the knees!)...there was a container with some contents in it...(no, not some money saved for a rainy day! lol! if only!!!)....I then remembered, it was the 'SHAKE A PANCAKE' container that we hadn't used for Pancake Day! YAY! At last I had something sweet to eat!...I decided NOT to look on the sell by/use by date! hehehe!...You know!, just in case it was actually outta date! Eek!

I popped in some butter.....burnt the butter...added pancake mixture (after I had shook the blooming thing with the said milk, for about half an hour, even though it only said for 1 minute!)...LUMPS in the pancake mixture...now in burning toooo hot butter = BURNT PANCAKE! DRAT!

Right! Lets start again! CLEAN FRYPAN...put back on hob....add butter....add more LUMPY mixture Grrrrrrr!!!!!scrape mixture off of pan ( I can't stand lumps!) Clean Frypan...put back on Hob....!

Third time lucky! turn on hob...aha!!! I know! I'll use oil! yes oil will be better....and I'll take rotten 'p'ing me off easy to use 'SHAKE A PANCAKE' mixture and whisk it in a bowl! AHA! yes hehehe! thats what I'll do!.....Fire up hob...add oil....whilst whisking pancake mix vigorously! in bowl...(by the way! I now have heaps of washing up!!! for just a few measley pancakes!)...add a small aount of pancake mixture to frypan...SMOKE!! HELP!! LOTS OF SMOKE...SMOKE DETECTOR now RINGGGGING IN MY EARS!....
QUICK open all windows in the house!

I don't think I'll give up my day job!LOL! all this cooking milarkie...is just sooooo NOT me!...when I finally did get around to eating something I had finally made! (oh NO I wasn't going to let the PANCAKE SHAKER beat me!...needless to say there wasnt much mixture left and the final straw was, that someone had left coffee grains in the sugar...Hence my crispie, burnt, small, pancake had a kind of a coffee granule twinge!...and now I have heartburn...and feel SICK again!

See you laterz gals...I'm going to bed for a lie down! LOL!


  1. You and I are having the same morning, I need to go shopping today, I woke up this morning also wanting something sweet,so I went to make muffins ,no eggs and no milk, so instead of quitting I keep going I found smelly powdered eggs left over from a school project and powdered milk. It said to mix with warm water the eggs, My water was too hot and it kind of cooked the eggs, so gross but I baked them...sometimes your right you have to know when too quit, You had me in stitches....

  2. Thanks for commenting on my post...yes, I can see that we are truly "sisters from different misters".
    I love your blog, your wit is so comical...I love funny people.

    I love your Westie dog...I have a Scotty dog...

    I love the fact that you mention Banksy, I have been following that guy and his unique art for about 10years now...

    and now I know that as I keep discovering you, there will definately be more co-mingling to come! I can't wait!

    Glad to meet ya girl!

  3. Oh dear, what a disaster!! It was quite funny to read though!!

  4. Oh dear! I just had to laugh but so feel for you. Been in the need something got nothing situation a few times but I would have given up after the first pancake!! Hope you are feeling better and someone has done your shopping.

  5. Hi, Have just found your blog, and i have just spent a lovely ,lovely time reading through your blog.. love it!! You have so much colour and joy in your life in so many ways.. I have become a follower and i shall be back for a blast of fun and joy! bestest wishes,Linda

  6. Ahbut a perfect pancake wouldn't have been so entertaining now would it?

  7. Stick to the noodles lol, I know these noodles you talk about! our family LOVES them, 23p from the Home & Bargain, well they were 21p, but SHOCK HORROR they have gone up :)

  8. After the last few days I've had you really cheered me up!
    Julie xxx

  9. haha you wally, this made me smile though :P i love pancakes sooo much, but always under cook the first one, and burn the second :P lumpy pancakes are never good!! When i was younger, one of my friends once made pancakes for breakfast, they still had runny egg in them, eww! hehe x x x

  10. The joys of the gentle domestic arts! Tee hee!
    I am off to burn the b*******S off some scarmbled egg!

    Happy weekend Happy,

    Sarah x


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