These are the latest gals that have had a 'Happy Makeover' to their Blogs.
The one above is Angie from 'The Bewildered Blogger' it was such a pleasure to work with her, she said that she was really a bewildered gal in this blogging world, but I havnt heard from her since so this gal is getting along fine with it all ~ thank goodness, as I advised her to go with Blogger in the first place  :)
And this design hot of the Press - so to has been bought by the lovely Kathryn from 'Loved and Used' she purchased one of my OOAK designs ( that means 'One Of A Kind') and she added to it and this is what I came up with...

Go and visit these new gals, they are eaglely awaiting your comments and friendship :)

Bye for now


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  1. hi,
    I have just added your widget to my sidebar THANKS FOR THE LOVELY WIDGETS
    I have added you to my links too...


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