The challenge was on!

Max and I was going to look around the garden in search for the fruits of our labour!...Yes you have guessed it! the constant prunning and feeding of our beautiful shrubs and trees in the garden...had finally paid off!
Max was ready and standing to attention! ahhh Bless him! a little more 'cropped' than his previous 'debut' SEE HERE  - Fred decided to give him a haircut, (usually I do it! Grrrr!) and he looks a bit 'shabby' to say the least! LOL! (at least he is cool now though!)

Anyway...we were looking for these (above) Blackcurrants! last year we never had a crop of these little luverlies...but this year with a little nurturing and pulling the 'dreaded' bindweed off every couple of days (last year it was strangled by it! Grrrr!) we have managed to produce them! Yippee!
Max sniffed them out in no time...and here they are below... we picked about a 1lb's worth and there is at least another 3lb worth waiting to be picked...I have made it quite difficult for the little birdies to get to them too! as I have taped the branches make the bush sturdier....the blackcurrants seem to like also makes it difficult for the birds to get hold of the fruits are bunched together, but still producing a very good crop indeedy!
Then I managed to find some very healthy Rosemary and a solitary sweet pea (below)...Fred has told me, that I am to pick my little lonely sweety pea! because apparently it encourages more to I will be doing that later today :)
Then Max....rushed off in order to sniff out another crop...Way to go Maxi!
Oh No! False alarm! he just wanted to go pee pee in my lovely summer blooms! Little rascal! I soon told him off! :)
Remember good ideas for garden pots, is old enamel bread bins :)
Then Max decided to look in another direction....
Where we found some lovely cherries....

Now! we have a cherry tree at the front of the house, and it is full of ripe juicy cherries...waiting to be picked...the birdies are loving them....You can imagine the Birdie poo colour now can't you! YUK! we have been parking our car......WELL AWAY from the tree and the path of the birds hehehe! do you REMEMBER THIS POST!
Yum Yum...we have had a lovely cottage harvest so far this season....Now! what shall I make with these lovely fruits of mine!
Any suggestions???
Who ever I pick to be the best suggestion...
I will put your recipe up on my blog with a link to you...Yay!
(don't post all of your recipe just yet though..all you need to do is just wet my appetite for now!:))
Thanks my Luverlies! ;)


  1. I loooove cherries. I'd make a nice cherry sauce for some vanilla ice cream. The currents look lovely, too.

  2. Max is looking super cute and dapper Happy :-) I am hosting a Great British Blog Bake Off and Giveaway over at DollieDaydream - you have some lovely ingredients all ready there just waiting to be baked up (!!) so if you have time please do join us xxx

  3. I would make blackcurrant jam - it tastes AMAZING! :-)

  4. Ooh lovely cherries! You could make a sweet blackcurrant cordial to dilute with fizzy water or better still fizzy wine to make a cassis royale, and with the cherries - if you haven't eaten them already - prick them and put them into a sterilized jar with an equal amount of sugar and top up with brandy. Shake them to dissolve the sugar and leave in a dark place until Christmas, shaking them every now and then. Lovely, syrupy cherry brandy - yum (hic)

  5. Well mine is very simple. Cherry or fruit tarts covered with LOADS of custard:)

    Ooohhh!!! I can taste it now!!!

    I cant have tarts cause I have Coeliac Disease, so have them for me!!!
    Michelle x

  6. oláa- adorei teu blog- teu cachorro é fofo demais com esta touca-

  7. I ADORE Ribena. My plan was to make some with the black currents my farmer pal gave me. I cooked the bc with sugar, in a cup-to-cup ratio...strained the pulp out and put the liquid into a jar in the fridge. Used the pulp in some scones--very yum! And was surprised to see my "Ribena-esque liquid" had become a tasty jam! So, I either eat it on toast, or put a spoonful into a glass with sparkling water and stir it up...three treats from one little bit of effort!

  8. YUMMYYYYY! Good old Max finding them! He is such a cutie. Catherine x

  9. Hi,

    Please, please, please tell me where you got your red shoes from?


    I need those shoes for a wedding ....

    Please -----begging!!!!

    Love Jo


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