The Retro Lounge

 Hello me ‘ole’ fruits! I do hope you have all been keeping well in my short absence! I have recently been changing the look of my lounge …and giving it a more Retro look! I just sooo love the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and have been an avid collector of all things vintage for many many years now! (too many years to remember LOL!)

A retro red soft dog toy (top shelf) and china cat are amoungst the new additions to our vintage collectables.

Some things that I buy…I can see my Freddy rolling his eyes and telling me that he doesn’t like them…or he had seen it first and didn’t buy it! HA! it used to bother me and I often would listen to what he said….but as I have got older..I just buy what I like and think…well if you don’t like it….don’t look at it! LOL!….I know! kinda difficult when you are living under the same roof Huh! 🙂

Now! I have been hoarding funky retro pieces for quite some time now…some I have listed on my website…for all you ‘ retro lounge ‘ enthusiasts and some I have been storing for after the magazine article came out… evolve and do something a little different.

Pictures, cushions, and vintage curtains are also amongst the retro lounge accessories.

LOL! you see that is me all over! I am very contrary and I love change.  So I decided to change the lounge almost as soon as my magazine article came out!

My Mum used to make these cushions back in the 70’s for an interior design company.

So as you can see from my pictures I have gone all ‘ Retro ‘ incorporating all the lovely quirky pieces that I have collected over the year and previous years! kitsch cool cottons and funky twee collectables…look soooo cool styled together.

My collection of retro materials came in very handy indeedy! I have used old aprons to give this chair a different look!

Even our vintage french enamel looks good with this style…we have papered the back of our painted pine bookshelf…but rather than, sticking to the one paper…we have made a patchwork of them like we did with our fridge make-over.

Decorating our hooks with pictures, bags and a battered and aged camera case…Divine!.

At first we went with a green and blue look…but we couldn’t live without the red! and all the other ‘ Happy ‘ colours…so now we have gradually started to add more and more….

We have totally changed the look here…making it more of a kitsch feature of the prize rosettes.

….But I must say, that we are really enjoying the change….and my Freddy has started to like some of my quirky bits and bobs too! RESULT! 🙂

I have been very lucky in my treasure hunting lately, as last week I found some 1970’s Tretchikoff style prints and this week a job lot of vintage hand sewn lace…do you think my lucky black cat had something to do with it 🙂

Speaksy soon my lovely lassies….I will not leave it too long before I post again…besides I think the sun has decided to go in for good now! Phew wasn’t it hot!! all I managed to do was lay around like a beached whale! The humidity was too much for me! Now its a little cooler I can get out and about again 🙂 It even took me a few days to do this makeover…it must be a sign of getting old! as years ago I remember the both of us changing a few rooms in one day! phew!

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