Cottage Garden Harvest ....

The challenge was on!

Max and I was going to look around the garden in search for the fruits of our labour!...Yes you have guessed it! the constant prunning and feeding of our beautiful shrubs and trees in the garden...had finally paid off!
Max was ready and standing to attention! ahhh Bless him! a little more 'cropped' than his previous 'debut' SEE HERE  - Fred decided to give him a haircut, (usually I do it! Grrrr!) and he looks a bit 'shabby' to say the least! LOL! (at least he is cool now though!)

A Retro Gift

I spent a day in the caravan last week, getting things sorted on my know the norm! filing catching up on emails that kinda thing...

Then about 11.30 I heard our postman walking along the path..(I know! what happened to the 6.30am postie! that's cuts for you I suppose!) He shouted out to me that I had a I quickly went to sign for it!
It was a lovely package from Cindy at Retro Revival, she made me this lovely shower cap to say thankyou for designing her blog for her. How sweet was that!

 So we had a little try on! hehehe! Max tried it on first! ahhh bless! doesn't he look good!....a bit too big though!
Then Old charlie tried it on!...Oh what a picture!...still doesn't quite fit though!
Then 'Muggin's' tried it on...Hmmm! Nice fit! It fitted like a glove! Ohhhh I feel like Cinderella! LOL!
Thank you sooo much Cindy - you are a doll! I love it to bits :)
What have you been sent lately in the post, that you have been surprised to receive? ....I'd love to know :)
Speak soon Gals

Who will buy?

I just thought!...If I can get these cards to sell on my website...I wondered how many of you would be interested in buying them?
I don't know the correct price yet, probably a couple - £3.00 each, but this is just to get an idea of how many to order.

Rosie's day

Hello my wonderful gals...

We have had a busy week in preparation for Rosie's 17th Birthday yesterday!  Gosh doesn't time fly!...She will always be my baby though!...

In preparation I have updated the blog with these new photographs of her, as the other blonde piccy was taken when she was 14, so it was definitely time for an update! and what with her training to be a hairdresser, she now has black hair! well why not eh! luckily she has one of those faces that suits any hair colour! Lucky gal!
We had a family party in the garden to celebrate her birthday, as we have been having such beautiful weather lately we decided to have a barbecue, so we decorated the garden with mismatched tables and chairs along the side of the caravan and how wonderful everything looked. (lots of alcohol! tee hee!)
Heres my lovely Freddy...hello there! he has been sunbathing in the garden, since we have had the sunshine and he has a lovely colour! I am so jealous!
We had a right old giggle!...there is not many of us in our immediate family as Freddy and I are only children, so we have no brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews to invite...but we have a great time when ever we all get together!

(scuse the emergency chairs!) LOL!

...and below is my lovely son Daz with Rosie, he is 20 now! I know! I can't believe I have proper, grown up kids, as I only feel 18 myself sometimes!
Daz is also an intelligent, witty, fun loving member of the family, he is having a break from uni atm and I am not sure that he is going back there either, I don't think that Uni is the right place for him as he is a free spirit!...and like my Rosie, I prefer them to go their own way...I believe in an alternative education anyway! so we'll see how he gets on eh! Bless! (oooh I could just pinch their cheeks in this piccy!) :)
I am so proud of both of them...and they are sooo close, what more could a Mum want!

Oh and heres Rosie and Daz's would never think he was 70 would you! (I know...I agree with you too, I think he might be lying about his age!LOL! he definitely looks more like 50 to me)
Sorry about the LARGING it size of mayonnaise in the piccy!!! 
Have you seen my latest 'freebies' they are free to add to your blog, I have designed, many different go and...

to grab one....or two....or three!

Oh and we have drawn the 'Caravan Card Give-away' and the lucky winner is Marcia from 'Vintage French Hen' in California...YAY!


Speak soon my lovely Lassies,

Caravan Card Giveaway

Well look what we have here! Liz from the card company that came to the Happy House a couple of months ago has just sent me the samples of the cards that will be in a shop near you soon :)
So like a good girl...I thought I would offer all six cards up for a give-away...two of them are 'Happy Birthday' cards and the other four have been left blank for your own message.
They really have turned out beautiful...Liz Ellis is a Brilliant stylist and pays so much attention to detail and her partner in crime! was the lovely Charles Colmer, a photographer to many leading magazines and card companies.
...and yes that is Max in that card above! Charles was so impressed with placcid he was that when he asked if he could be in one of the piccies...max offered himself wearily by the caravan door (he can't climb the steps! bless!) and next minute Charles was snapping away and Voila!
So if you want a chance to be the first to own a set of these cards, please leave a comment below about what you like to take pictures of or what you have been upto lately in this wonderful weather that we have been having!

I have been away from my blog for a couple of weeks, having fun in the sun mainly...hasn't it been glorious...I have been trying to maintain the garden and I have also been working in the caravan too...but I'll post an update next week :)
Bye for now and have a fun weekend...
I'll be drawing this give-away monday evening 12th july...
See ya soon ;)

for your new freebies...
free for everyone!"