Something for the weekend...Pendulum

Something for the weekend gals...I love this video...check out my facebook too, I have listed some of my favorite tunes of the moment...but as I was looking, I found this track and it bought back gr8 memories and I had to share!....I love this guy....He ROCKS!

Rainy Days and Holidays

McCall's Golden Make it Book 
Its the holidays and it also happens to be raining! Grrr! so I thought I would show you this recent find I had just recently at a vintage book shop...right from being a young gal - I loved to look at craft books and making things with my family was a memorable past time....This kinda activity is great, especially if you do not have alot of love your time and playing with them and crafting, is some of the best memories that you can give them :)  With this in mind I thought I would include some creativities in this book that will while away a rainy afternoon! :).


Hey Gals, do check out this wonderful new blog on the block...her name is Maisey and I have just designed her blog for her.....PLEASE STOP NOW!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!! LOL! MAISEY'S ATTIC IS ONLY OPEN TO INVITED READERS ONLY


Fred and I met on Valentines Day 24 years ago! I am sure I have mentioned it before, but it was a blind date held by London Weekend Television at the Hippodrome in London's West End!....we were in the papers and everything! Woo! LOL! we will be celebrating...


Happy Valentines to all :) I hope you have a wonderful day and make the most of it!

Love Happy x

Alexander McQueen R.I.P

I have been listening to LBC today! Fred started me listening to this wonderful TALK station, he loves Steve Alan's show...a bit early for his show is 5am till 7am!!...But if you are up around that please listen...he takes the 'mickey' out of alot of things ;) and really starts your day off with a laugh!

Another Blog Design...Done!

 Hey gals...go and check out Christine from 'THIS AND THAT'...she is such a 'cool chick' she comes from a large creative 'happy' family and I was so pleased to be asked to design her blog for you can see I have included a piccy of it above - but do please go and check her out and follow'll be soooo glad you did :)

Love Happy x


Love Happy x


Right....Here it is!...slightly earlier than advertised...but I have had a few visitors, so I thought I might as well declare The Happy Loves Rosie shop OPEN!

Happy Loves.....

I love my new vintage brooch and the linen scarf that I was bought for Christmas....


(sorry I thought I would start this post off with a pretty picture....
coz this post ain't gonna get any prettier!!! Eek!!)
hehehe! you see a funny thing has happened this week....
I cant really remember it happening last year but!.....