What with the weather being sooo brrrr cold lately….we have moved our crafting and creating
icon space indoors, as the Holivan is just not warm enough! I also had a brainwave of bringing this lovely white office chair in, from the garage and next to the now! ‘new creating space’.


Although there has been a few arguments as to whom the chair actually belongs to!….but considering I brought it in….and cleaned it!! and considering it was ‘my’ office chair when we lived at the other house….surely then it is mine! huh! you’d think so wouldn’t you! but no! its a race to be the first one up in the morning and declare its your home for the day :)!!

….but looking at all my bits and pieces here….you’ve probably guessed that it is me who has won the chair today! LOL!….I felt very tired last night at about 7pm, I am also finding TV very boring lately especially the weekend stuff…I have loved the programmes lately about the slums in Mumbai, and I love Silent witness….although I did prefer last weeks story better than this weeks one! but that dancing show….’so you think you can dance’ well enough said really! so off to bed it was for me at 7pm!

Then this morning I was awoken, by what I can only describe as a hippopotamus snoring kinda sound in my ear!…and then I realised it was my hubby snoring for england next to me!….I then remembered ‘the chair’! enough said! LOL!

…And after a tasty brecky of digestives and orange juice…I was ready to design, create and write again!….mind you I can feel a bit of a lull coming on….so I might have to have a sleep!…still I am not leaving THE CHAIR!!! I’ll have to devise a way of draping my legs over the side of it and getting my head all nice and comfy in an upright kinda way and try to have 40 winks!! goodness knows what will happen when I need to go to the ladies room!….I’ll have to take it with me!!!! 🙂


Yesterday I decided to look at my book shelf for some inspiration that I needed, when this lovely one jumped right out at me! ‘Remember When’ by Robert Opie, right! I thought, lets have a look inside!


A Nostalgic Trip throught the Consumer Era! Now this is a book right up my street…especially all the lovely pictures and all!


The pictures are soooo colourful and inspirational…they make you want to jump right in and live that life again….I have a few of his books, but I have to be careful and keep an eye on them, otherwise hubby will cut them up for his scrapbooking  and I hate that….although the scrapbooking is lovely….theres nothing worse than looking through a book only to realise pages are missing and torn!


The memorabilia pages are great and I discovered that I have alot of bits and bobs that are featured here….


Oh yes….it was very inspirational indeed….and the funny thing is – that later that evening I had an email from a blogging friend recommending Opies books to me! Just shows you great minds think alike eh!


And another thing!…..Max was looking at me rather strange yesterday…after jumping up on the chair by the window and squashing my lovely puffed up cushions totally flat!


‘Whats up Max’ – I said!

Only to realise that we had left some christmas decorations still up in the garden…..OH NO! I hope that won’t bring us too much bad luck! as they are in the garden! tut tut!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend…Speak soon.

Love Happy

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