Bright, Fun and Happy ....

Hello gals...well lookee here...I nearly fell off my chair, when I saw this pushchair in the New Cath Kidston catalogue! Now if I had little ones I would definitely be saving my pennies for this little number!

I want my MOJO back!

I am having one of those know where you just cannot get motivated! Apart from the fact that it is all dreary outside today (check out the pic above!).

Last week I decided to catch up on some well deserved sleep, over the years I have only needed about 5-6 hours, but just lately, my body has been telling me otherwise. So last week I decided to go to bed about 9pm and I slept all the way around to 9am!! the next night I went to bed at 10 pm and slept all the way round to 10 am!! each night I slept for at least 12 hours each and then at the weekend, I went to bed very late around 3am and it has thrown me all out of sync coz now I can't stop sleeping! cat naps here and there! and no focus to do anything! Oh gosh what has happened to me!

Happy's House

Hello are you all this week...I hope you are all having fun in the sunshine!

Look (above) what we found whilst we were out thrifting last week...yes this lovely tin horse, that looks divine in our garden!...

French Enamel and Herne Bay

Gosh I really do not know where to start here! First let me say a BIG thankyou to everyone that left a comment about our holivan...we really have been overwhemed by all your support and lovely really have bolled us all over here at the Happy house!...I am speechless honestly :)