Bright New Door

Finally we have a new door! yep the old one was deteriorating fast! and we had wanted to paint it a different colour for ages...but the landlord said NO! :(

But finally after an AGE of waiting...The Man from Del Monte...he say YES! Yay! lol!
So the paint was Rosie and I.....and OMG what a day that was!...we set the alarm off on the way into B&Q...and security and all the assistants looked at us!..thinking? 'are they bringing something back that they have already stolen!' lol! we were gigling about that!


Vintage Tattoo Done!

 Well! I talked the talk!...and probably bored you all senseless! lol!
So yesterday!...As it was our 25th Anniversary of when we first met.
(Freddie and I met on Valentines Day in 1986.....ah bless! :D)


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day my lovely Guys and Gals...
Have a sweet sweet Day ;)


Freds Moleskine Scrapbooks

This post is a little insight into whats inside those Moleskine books of my lovely Hubby.
Most of these pictures where taken a while ago when he first started scrapbooking...


Mojo Monday

If you are feeling flat after the weekend...
Here is a few pictures to get you Inspired again....
They have been taken randomly from tumblr.....


Happy House Pictures....


My latest work.....

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