This post is a little insight into whats inside those Moleskine books of my lovely Hubby.
Most of these pictures where taken a while ago when he first started scrapbooking...

 Using old papers found at flea markets and graphics cut from magazines.
Lately he incorporates more oil paints, gesso and modge podge into his designs creating something so beautiful on every page....
 I am not saying that his work here is not beautiful...No! I have always loved his pieces as there always seems to be a funny little message in each of them :)
Fred afterall is a funny guy!...he would have to be huh! to put up with me! :D
 I thought I would show you some of his early work first and as the weeks progress, I can show you some of his other pieces......he has even created an abundance of those little ATC cards, which are lovely too! we currently keep them on a rotary filing fixture.
 So what so you think of his early style then?
 Has any of it inspired you?
 He even scrapbooks in diarys, phone covers, and address books :)....using things that would otherwise be thrown away! Wonderful isn't it!
Oh and just incase you do not know what Moleskine art is all about....Have a look HERE
to see what other people have done with theirs ;)

....And please do check out his blog HERE where you can view some of his other work and have a great luagh at his funny posts too! :)

Speak soon my luverlies :D



  1. Thanks so much for sharing Freds work. A few weeks ago when you mentioned he was working in the caravan when it was warm enough, I commented I was curious. It is very interesting to see anyones work from beginning to current times. You two are quite an amazing pair! Your love for color is definately shared. Thanks so much for the links!

  2. I have to admit to following freds world and have done for quiet a while (since the sophie dahl incident!!) I always get excited when I see he's posted on his blog as it normally leads to me rolling around hysterically. He doesn't seem to blog often but is well worth waiting for as very funny!!


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