Something for the weekend...Pendulum

Something for the weekend gals...I love this video...check out my facebook too, I have listed some of my favorite tunes of the moment...but as I was looking, I found this track and it bought back gr8 memories and I had to share!....I love this guy....He ROCKS!

OOAK Blogs For Sale

Sorry I have been away for a while girls...Needless to say I have been very busy! huh! aren't we all these days!...I am looking forward to spring though!...the sun shone through a little today and I got THAT feeling! You know...the one where you want to start your Spring Cleaning and start to move the furniture around! LOL! But I had to stop myself! and finish off these lovely new additions to my SHOP!
The price includes blog banner, background and 3 if you fancy a change for Spring...pop over and check out the Blog Design section of Happy Loves Rosie! YAY!

I hope you are all having a lovely week :)

Rainy Days and Holidays

Its the holidays and it also happens to be raining! Grrr! so I thought I would show you this recent find I had just recently at a vintage book shop...right from being a young gal - I loved to look at craft books and making things with my family was a memorable past time....This kinda activity is great, especially if you do not have alot of love your time and playing with them and crafting, is some of the best memories that you can give them :)  With this in mind I thought I would include some creativities in this book that will while away a rainy afternoon! :).
First up...finger puppets!...Now remember this book was printed in the day of tracing everything...I hope I have upoloaded the pages the right size for printing and making them....just photocopy onto thin card...or best and really to actually trace them and then they can be coloured in and decorated by your little luverlies :).
This also looks great and I chose it because I am sure it will apeal to all ages.

...and this last one...making cute toys out of towels...I thought would be great for kids that don't like to bath LOL!

Have fun!


Hey Gals, do check out this wonderful new blog on the block...her name is Maisey and I have just designed her blog for her.....PLEASE STOP NOW!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!! LOL! MAISEY'S ATTIC IS ONLY OPEN TO INVITED READERS ONLY
Please see update!!!
....At the time of writing this post all was hunkydory! and she was open to all!...But now the doors are closed... so you'll just have to have a look at the perty pictuuuuure above lol!
I'll add a few more perty pictuuuuuuuures to make up for it :)

I have been adding new graphics to my collection all over the weekend and my son has given me his 1 terrabyte portable hard drive...well I say give! some money was involved there somewhere....!! not sure whether I was conned or not LOL!....but seriously I don't know why I havn't gotten one before!  you know me and saving has gotten REAL bad! I have disk back up, memory stick back up and now this new baby! but ill get organised soon! lol! put that on my grave stone....

Oh the things I could put on my grave stone....I laugh to myself just thinking about it sometimes....Gosh! How I got here I don't know!...but you have to laugh about these things eh!


Thats another thing I am always saying hehehe!

Oh gosh sorry...Now I am making myself laugh here and you probably haven't got a clue what I am going on about!...hopefully you are on my wavelength and are following me with this and cracking up!...If not sorry! Eek! time to go and get the kids from school!!! whoops no! NO school this week! How do I know that?...well apart from the fact that Rosie is not at college this week!...the boy next door, sounds like he has been throwing himself up the wall for the last 3 hours! Hmmm! lets hope he has a crash helmet on!!..probably had too many E numbers!...Don't worry gals I have been all through that myself...I had one of those children! know the one where the mothers judge you at playgroup! because your child is the only one biting kids and trampolining on the tables, all set out for orange juice and rich teas!....Oh yes I know the feeling well...even though it was about 17 years ago now...the memories do not fade LOL!

I could go on but I do not want to bore you all with any of that milarkie! hehehe!

Update!!! Maisey didnt realise she had it on 'invited readers only' she is now back in business...Phew! what a fiasco!!! :)...want to view? Click here....

Speak soon gals...


Fred and I met on Valentines Day 24 years ago! I am sure I have mentioned it before, but it was a blind date held by London Weekend Television at the Hippodrome in London's West End!....we were in the papers and everything! Woo! LOL! we will be celebrating...


Happy Valentines to all :) I hope you have a wonderful day and make the most of it!

Alexander McQueen R.I.P

I have been listening to LBC today! Fred started me listening to this wonderful TALK station, he loves Steve Alan's show...a bit early for his show is 5am till 7am!!...But if you are up around that please listen...he takes the 'mickey' out of alot of things ;) and really starts your day off with a laugh!
But on a sadder note I have also found out that one of our Iconic British Designers, Alexander McQueen, known as Lee to his friends....has been found dead in his London Home this morning!....It is such a sad day! He was such a fabulous talent...this guy had balls!....he designed from the heart...taking the fashion industry 'often' by storm! His designs were innovative and they were a joy to watch on the catwalks!
What I also loved about him, is that apart from being born in the East End of London...he's design talent showed through, as he excelled through fashion college with flying colours....and that is sooo understandable when you look at the wonderful designs that he created through his life! But he also loved his colours...and designed the iconic Union Jack Bags...which we all loved!
 RIP Alexander McQueen...We will miss you!

Pictures curtesy of

Another Blog Design...Done!

 Hey gals...go and check out Christine from 'THIS AND THAT'...she is such a 'cool chick' she comes from a large creative 'happy' family and I was so pleased to be asked to design her blog for you can see I have included a piccy of it above - but do please go and check her out and follow'll be soooo glad you did :)



Right....Here it is!...slightly earlier than advertised...but I have had a few visitors, so I thought I might as well declare The Happy Loves Rosie shop OPEN!
Yes gals...this is where all my time and effort has been over these last few months....I have tried to blog about different things, but have been so excited of the launch of the 'Edition de Paris' book featuring some very famous peeps and little old me!'

I have been making things and listing things....creating is a great pastime of mine...whether its designing blogs or getting my hands soaked in gesso and glue...I love it all!
This website really does represent the Happy Loves Rosie Brand...its all the things I love, find and make!  I still have alot of things to if you pop over now...please keep popping over to see if there is something you just can't live without!' 
Ok so there is a bit of a 'Blighty' theme...but then that is sooooo me!...I have quite alot of Jewellery on that is what I started designing when I left school, many many years I love to make it :)...and ended up making quite alot, over a good few months!
But there is also bags and kiddies and clothes...all these sections will be filled...I am going at it like the clackers!!! hehehe!...whenever I get a spare moment...I am listing...infact it getting quite a joke in our house! ;)
These piccies are an insight into what is instore....As you can see - I love buttons...I think it has something to do with circles! I lurve circles...I always think that it stems from the fact that when my Dad was alive and I must have been about 15, we were on holiday and my Mum was taken ill and was in hospital for a few days...
My Dad and I, went out to a club together (he loved Jazz funk! even though he was my Dad! Good ole dad :)) Anyway, we danced to Circles by Atlantic Starr (Oh I love that band!)..and that memory has stayed with me, .whether its why I love Circles, I don't know...but there sure is alot featured in my website...! :)
Oh and by the way....I have created the entire website myself! WoooHOOO! I hear you shout, but considering I am self taught I think its pretty AMAZING! C'mon gals and guys I have got to blow my own trumpet havnt I! :)))

So don't forget to check the website for blog banners...(a lovely one featured above!)...there will also be blog design packs featured there soon too! and happy graphics...oh isn't it just soo exciting!....and as for the book it will be out more towards the end of the month...but I'll let you know when....its actually all in Japanese, you know like the Paumes books, but the photography is well worth buying :) to give all you lovely girlies lots of ideas :)
I'd better go now to get listing LOL!

Happy Loves.....

I love my new vintage brooch and the linen scarf that I was bought for Christmas....
 I LOVE these 'Blighty blue' Union Jack mugs...a lovely twist on the red., white and blue ones....bought in the 99p store! WOW!


(sorry I thought I would start this post off with a pretty picture....
coz this post ain't gonna get any prettier!!! Eek!!)
hehehe! you see a funny thing has happened this week....
I cant really remember it happening last year but!.....

I was sitting having a cup of tea the other day...when a flock of seagulls started fluttering around outside...there were hundereds of them!....two happened to land on the tree outside and I thought ahhh ain't they luverley!!!....(look into their eyes!!! Grrrr!).
Now! our car happened to be parked outside on the road!!! Hmmm! have guessed it!!!....and under our hollyoak!!!!! Double Hmmmm!

Hmmmm!.....Where does it land Indeedy!!!
I don't think we'll be parking the car under the tree anymore!!!!