Bright, Fun and Happy ....

Hello gals...well lookee here...I nearly fell off my chair, when I saw this pushchair in the New Cath Kidston catalogue! Now if I had little ones I would definitely be saving my pennies for this little number!
When my kiddies were little I searched up and down the country for the right pram for my little ones...I finally found it in a shop in Brentwood, Essex...I had never seen one and have never seen another since...
It was this Ninni Nana Pram/pushchair (above and above) that was sooooo bright and fun and I am talking some 16 years ago now...when prams were very pastel in colour. Well I suppose you would expect this type of pram from me eh!

The brightness didnt stop at the pram either...even Daz used to wear brights and soooo suited the two of them...I wish that I still had some of their clothes! I used to hang their spotty coats and jackets on my coat racks long after they had grown out of them...

The colours and patterns of the clothing back then, were so pretty, we used to go to a shop on the Roman Road in Bow, London E13 called *Jacks* and we used to spend a fortune! the labels that they used to stock were Portofino, cakewalk, oilily and a few others.
I was addicted to this style of clothing and loved the way they used to look in them, coz you could clash everything....and boys clothing was so boring back then...daz and Rosie was always dressed in the brightest, bright and happy :)
Rosie and I have had a right laugh this afternoon...checking out all these pictures, plus others that were too embarrassing to show! Like my hair over the years! thats a whole other post on its own! LOL!

Its so great to get out the old pictures...isn't it! I felt I just had to share them with you all, to let you see that even back then...all those years ago, colour was always my thing...yes that CK pushchair has made my weekend...I am so glad that there is finally a bright and happy pram out there...for like minded Mums and Dads!

So they are both grown up now...Boo hoo! Rosie is sweet sixteen and Daz is sweet 19, so I don't have any say in what they wear! even when they are spending my money!!...sad isnt it!

I love them to bits...and its been a real pleasure bringing them up....I wouldn't have missed it for the world!...

Now how can I think of an excuse to buy that CK spotty pram to put my dollies in!!! LOL!

I want my MOJO back!

I am having one of those know where you just cannot get motivated! Apart from the fact that it is all dreary outside today (check out the pic above!).

Last week I decided to catch up on some well deserved sleep, over the years I have only needed about 5-6 hours, but just lately, my body has been telling me otherwise. So last week I decided to go to bed about 9pm and I slept all the way around to 9am!! the next night I went to bed at 10 pm and slept all the way round to 10 am!! each night I slept for at least 12 hours each and then at the weekend, I went to bed very late around 3am and it has thrown me all out of cinque coz now I can't stop sleeping! cat naps here and there! and no focus to do anything! Oh gosh what has happened to me!

Also I have been very week willed as my favourite flavoured icecream has been on special offer in the petrol garage near where I live!

Oh goodness! as I was looking for this piccy I have now found out that this icecream is cheaper at Tesco's!!!!!
Drat and double drat!!!!

Yes its Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough! normal price here in Blighty £3.99 now reduced to £2.25! Now this is surely a bargain not to be nearly every night I have been hot footing it round the the garage to buy some! needless to say that all my weight that I had taken off at the start of the year is now piling back on again!...and superquick...probably the reason for feeling soooo larthargic (sorry - thats probably NOT how you spell it!)Previously I have been up to all sorts! there has been plenty of crafting going on in the caravan...Fred has made some lovely pictures for me and he can make all the mess he wants to in there and it keeps the large kitchen table in the dining room lovely and clear! you see that is the centre of the house and whilst I love everyone creating there it does make the whole house look all messed the caravan is ideal :) and its a way of letting us have some time to ourselves LOL!

On a lighter note I did manage to venture out to a bootsale at the weekend, my first in a few weeks! where I managed to pick up this wonderful ark, there is nothing inside...but isn't it lovely and painted in such a cute colour....I knew I had seen this colour somewhere before and Look!It happens to match my lovely old button box on the top of my crafting kitchen maid! Oh I was so pleased when I found out! Its funny isnt it! how you are tuned into things that match indoors without realising it! :)

Anyway the sun is starting to shine now, so I might go and try to make something of the day! hehehe! I think I'll have to have plenty more of this (diet of course!)....

...and slighty less of this LOL!

Lets hope I get my Mojo back......soon!!

See ya in a few days to ya all xx

PS - I have had trouble with the fonts on this page! sorry if they look a bit weird!!

Happy's House

Hello are you all this week...I hope you are all having fun in the sunshine!

Look (above) what we found whilst we were out thrifting last week...yes this lovely tin horse, that looks divine in our garden!...apparently if you sit on it you can bounce up and down on it!! needless to say we didnt have a go, as there is no-one in our family small enough! LOL! but it sooo looks the part here in our nook don't you think!
...and the other day whilst having a look around in an old cupboard I found this wonderful has been made with tiny patches of all different of material, we think it could of been a sample piece, showing shops, what kind of patterns they had for material or shirts or ties is such an interesting piece, that I had to get it out and display it.....and it really does look waonderful over our quaint little settee. :)

This is a view of our Living room, it is sooo bright and cheery and I love sitting in there in the evening, watching my favourite programmes...Did you catch Eastenders last night!...OooOh it really bought a tear to my eye, when Dot (ahhh she is luverly!) talked about how time passes so quickly to Bianca and Ronnie, if you havn't seen it, please do check it out.

Speak soon gals xx

French Enamel and Herne Bay

Gosh I really do not know where to start here! First let me say a BIG thankyou to everyone that left a comment about our holivan...we really have been overwhemed by all your support and lovely really have bolled us all over here at the Happy house!...I am speechless honestly :)


Our little holivan has attracted so much attention - it is phenominal, mind you she is soooo cute, bright and fun!....she is blushing out there, as I am writing this post ;)

See :-

OMG what is all that I can hear you GASP!!...Well you know that we downsized last November, well this is another lot of our lovely enamel, that we thought we would bring into the house!!

Anyway we had a fun time cleaning it all and finding places for it and surprisingly enough, we have fitted all in to our little cottage...we are now 'bursting at the seams'! and now the house looks even more colourful than it did before! Ill bring you some more piccy's soon gals :)

Also this week I have to thank Jenny from 'Everyday is a Holiday' blog....Gosh I love her to bits too...well apparently her new 'Kitchenology' range of pictures, has been inspired by me and Rosie and our decorating style...isnt she so sweet :) and look at the lovely print above! I also love the way it incorporates, plenty of tea and coffee and cake and more cake - she must know that I have a totally sweet tooth :) Thank you Jenny xx

Go and visit her over here and here - you will not regret it gals :)

We also had a day out to Herne Bay in the week....I needed to get some exercise (as my belly is now much larger than my BOOBS!!! Eek not a good look!!!) and thought a lovely walk along the promenade would do the trick! Herne bay is about 45 minutes away from us and it is a lovely little town....its full of lovely quaint english fish and chip shops, cafe's and of course BINGO and the AMUSEMENTS! Oh how we love all of those things...we take all our change with us....and love trying to win silly prizes on the 2p machines like the one above and below!Look...ha ha! are we sad or what!...but it is soooo fun!
When I asked the lady behind the counter of these lovely flying saucers, (Yum Yum! and very Low in fat!) if I could take a piccy....she said 'Why'!.....I thought why not!.....The colours and memories of those flying saucers were enough for me!...I decided she was NOT from my clan! LOL! and quickly took the shot anyway, mumbling something 'bout loving them as a kid! he he he!

We ate chips on the Pier, (not very good for the belly situ!) we had an icecream on the Promenade (ditto about the belly situ!) and a lovely cuppa in the car from the flask that we had taken with us! (I don't take sugar!...perfect for cutting down!...a bit like having a full english! from the 'Greasy Spoon Cafe' and a diet coke! LOL!) and watched the world go by!...

Now you cannot leave the seaside without a lovely cuppa from the flask in the car! LOL!...whether its time spent getting the sand out from between your toes or your childrens toes...its just gotta be done!
This is the lovely Rosie with her cup full of winnings!...we even managed to fit in a game of Air Hockey...where I let rosie win! ;) - Actually we laughed so much playing that game, we attracted a bit of an audience!, mainly toddlers though...well it is the school holidays!

...Oh and please do wish Rosie luck tomorrow last week she had an interview to work in a fashion boutique in town and today she found out that she has got the job! We couldn't believe it as this was her first interview!...I am soooo proud of her :) She will be starting at 9.00 am tomorrow and needless to say she is very excited....Its about time she bagged herself a job, as the list is endless of what she is going to buy with her earnings!

...Oh being young eh!.

I had better go now gals...I'll be back soon, have a nice few days.